Looking Back at the Dwight Howard Media Circus

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    Nov 23, 2013
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Looking Back at the Dwight Howard Media Circus Photo by Lemmy Morrie

Time and time again, I have always noticed how the media are hyping up things and trying to concoct stories about nothing for the sake of gaining the attention. It was apparent during the recent NBA finals wherein people where talking like one finals series decides on the legacy of the greatest basketball players and one of the most successful franchises this past decade.

However, the recent free agency of Dwight Howard topped it all off. As someone who's betting on sports, I keep track of all the news from the major media outlets that always seem to have the inside scoop in even the most private of matters regarding sports teams and athletes.

However, I try to keep myself in check and read only on reports and avoid commentaries from the so-called sports experts who always seem to talk about things that are outside of the sport itself. It's quite ironic isn't it?

Media attention

One of the popular points of conversation that the media likes to talk about Dwight Howard is his supposedly desire for attention. If you try to go against this assumption, some tool will be quick to point it out how the center is always trying to get on the news or something. There are those goofy antics that are often used as evidence.

However, there's a simple question right here. If you were in such a position such as Dwight, would you not try to cash in to the attention that the media is paying to you?

Under the microscope

The fact of the matter is that the media started it all by pointing all their cameras on the all-star center, placing his every decision and action under the microscope. Those goofy antics are natural for people who are happy and are trying to make of the situations that they are in, be it good or bad. Nobody can fault him for that.

Those blunders that he put himself into aren't really that unusual. Everybody makes mistakes. A rich young 25-year old isn't immune to it. You could probably say that he could have handled things better, like the one with Stan Van Gundy in Orlando. Well, that's why it was called a blunder and a mistake. However, to judge a character of an individual through certain hand-picked events is even more of a big mistake.

Before and after his decision, you can expect that the media circus will make a ruckus of even the quietest of actions.

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