Bynum Experiment in Cleveland Has Failed

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    Dec 29, 2013
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Bynum Experiment in Cleveland Has Failed Photo by Lemmy Morrie

I always get mixed reaction when thinking about Andrew Bynum. With his combination of size and skills, he certainly has what it takes to be one of the best centers in the league right now. However, the fact that he is rarely mentioned in such conversations right now means that there is something not going right with him.

After getting sent away from the LA Lakers and to the Philadelphia 76ers in a trade that involved Dwight Howard, things have not been going well for the big man. He missed the entire last season while recovering from the injury and many fans criticized him not really only for not having played, but more on his seemingly wrong decisions such as injuring himself while bowling. Some also mentioned that relative hunger to get back on the court. I can't really say a thing about his lack of drive or whatnot as I don't assume that I know what's going on in his end. However, the fact that the 76ers were paying him a big money for not playing is a pretty good reason to be upset about.

Anyways, despite things not having worked well in Philadelphia, the Cleveland Cavaliers who seemed geared to compete this season signed Bynum believing he could be a piece that could make them successful not only this season but also in the near future. To be fair, I think the Cavs made a sound decision in signing Bynum. There were risks especially with his health but the potential reward was worth it.

During the off-season, reports about Bynum working hard to rehab and getting healthy was a pleasant news for fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Despite playing hobbled, he looked good to start the season. However, two months into the season, his play has faltered and it seems the Bynum experiment has failed and is about to end.

The Cavs have announced the indefinite suspension of Bynum due to conduct that was detrimental to the team. There are also reports that the team is aggressively trying to trade him. It is a sad ending to what was a hopeful story in the early part of the season.

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