Kobe is Still Good

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    Dec 15, 2013
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Kobe is Still Good Photo by Lemmy Morrie

After the ACL tear, an injury that has ended or greatly affected careers of athletes, many basketball fans wondered if we will ever get to see Kobe Bryant play as good as he was before.  Even before the season started, many were awaiting for his return to see the answer for themselves.

Now, Kobe has already played two games. The first one was against the Toronto Raptors and the second against the Phoenix Suns. Both games resulted to losses, which is a bummer for Lakers fans. However, the games also showed positive signs regarding Kobe's return. Although he's really fully there, there is no doubt that he'll be just as good before the injury. Here are two reasons why.

Medical Advancements

Unlike a decade or so ago when ACL injury was a death sentence to a basketball career, advancements in the medical field has led to athletes recovering better and quicker from such injuries. A perfect example of a player that has recovered from an torn ACL and was able to recover and play as well as before the injury is David West who has been a very important piece for the Indiana Pacers. Another one is Jamal Crawford who if you watch play today, you won't ever thing that he suffered from a serious injury.

Anyways, I find West as the best example in this one because of...


West as a player relies on his mastery of fundamental basketball skills to be effective on the court. He's not an explosive player but he gets the job done in his own way. Although often overlooked due to the athleticism he displayed in his younger years, fundamentals is also a thing of Kobe. That is why he has been very effective even now. His footwork and body control is as good as it gets. While he may not be as explosive as he was pre-injury, he still has the tools and the smarts to adjust his game to be effective.

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