A Popular Addition to the Backyard BBQ - Masterbuilt Smoker

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    Feb 14, 2014
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A Popular Addition to the Backyard BBQ - Masterbuilt Smoker Photo by Isaac Leedom

People are always looking for a reason to gather and eat. The backyard barbeque has become a favorite way to accomplish that by bringing family and friends together for some really great food and festivities. A popular addition to the backyard barbeque setting is the Masterbuilt smoker, known for the incredible smoke flavor and tenderness that it produces in the meat.

While the process of smoking foods has been around for many years to preserve foods, smoke flavor is being added to foods today because of the incredible taste that it provides. Smoke flavor is most commonly added to meats, but people have discovered that it can be added to other types of food as well - from vegetables to cheeses to nuts. Among the meats, pork butt, pork ribs, beef brisket and fish seem to be the most popular while poultry, turkey, lamb, seafood and wild game are also very good for adding smoke flavor to.
The Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Electric Smoker has become very popular due to its price point and many features. This electric smoker is very simple to set-up and use, and it is great for a beginner, like me, but a more experienced person will appreciate its simplicity too.

It comes with a push button control panel that makes setting the timer and temperature very simple. And I am one that likes to keep things simple. 

There is plenty of smoking capacity and surface area for your favorite foods and when it comes to adding wood chips, there is a side-loading wood chip tray that allows you to add the chips without having to open the smoker door.

People use many different types of hardwood chips to add smoke flavor but hickory, apple and mesquite are the most common. You will want to be sure to pair the right chips with the right meats to get your desired flavor and you will want to control the amount of smoke that you produce to get either a milder or stronger smoke flavor.

A water pan comes with the smoker unit so that you can keep moisture in the meat during the smoking process. A drip pan is also included to catch drippings from the meat and help make clean-up easier.

Preseasoning the smoker is very important before it is used for the first time. The step-by-step instructions that come with the smoker will explain how to preseason the smoker, and will aid in the set-up, use and operation of your Masterbuilt smoker so that you can look forward to many years of great food and enjoyment in your backyard barbeque gatherings.

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