Google Sniper Review: The Big Dirty Secret to Make Money Online

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    Sep 14, 2013
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Google Sniper Review: The Big Dirty Secret to Make Money Online Photo by Simon Chin

Google Sniper is a very small website that only contains a video. That is all this website needs in order to get you hooked. The person in the video makes over one million dollars every year. That is more money than ninety five percent of Americans.

What is so great about the method that can make you so much money? Well first, you get to work from home. Wake up in the morning, don’t feel like getting dressed? No problem. This method let’s you make money online. Thousands of people try to find a way to make money online and most of the time their effort is unsuccessful.

Google Sniper is effective and real. This is not a scam and you can even prove it yourself. Simply go onto a search engine and type in “google sniper” you will see millions of results.

Google Sniper was made to be the perfect system and to run itself. You get to make money online, work from home, and it’s free. You don’t need to be a computer genies in order to do this. Anyone can do it, at no cost to you. Imagine this, if you had a blog and no one else did no matter how bad of a blogger you were people will still come to you. Why? Well because you would be the only one.

Here is how it all works. First you pick a niche that you want to promote your “product” with. For an example let’s say soft drinks. Then you do keyword research to find out what word(s) can be used that will bring up the most results for soft drinks. Your key word may be soda. After your keyword is determined you will need to purchase an Exact match domain what this means is that using your keyword (soda) you would buy that domain (

After that you will need to put some content onto your site. Obviously you want the content to be somehow related to your niche which in this example is soft drinks. There are many different types of things you can do in any niche to make your site look good and make you feel good about your work.

One your site is up and running you need to establish back links. That means putting a link to your website onto other websites. Setting up back links can be done in a number of ways. Some of the easiest places to have a back link on is a blog or a forum.

Having back links will make your site higher in the ranking of a search engine. Once you have enough back links to be on the first page of a search engine you will start to see a lot of income. Then all you have you do is promote the product related to your keyword and make sales. The money will start to pour in.

All of this can be done right from home. You can work from home and make money online. This is all thanks to Google Sniper.

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