Commercial Cleaning With a Clear Vision

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    May 13, 2013
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Commercial Cleaning With a Clear Vision Photo by Glenn Screeton

It was a bright balmy morning when Vision cleaning decided to test UK’s first computer controlled, high rise self climbing machine that automatically cleans windows and facades at any height, without the need for human labour.

With an eye to garnering a greater share of UK’s high-rise cleaning service pie and also to take advantage of the growing number of full-glass, high rise buildings, Vision windows cleaning services based at Isle of Skye successfully tested a computer controlled, high rise self climbing machine that automatically cleans windows and facades at any height.

As the automatic cleaning machine came down to ground level, Glenn Screeton, CEO of Vision cleaning appeared pleased at the cleaning results. When this reporter asked if they intended to press the machine into service, Mr. Glenn Screeton said that for now they were merely testing the machine and a decision would be taken based on their assessment of the machine, the results of the first test and the business potential of such equipment.

The Isle of Skye based Vision cleaning currently provides domestic and commercial Contract Window Cleaning services to neighbouring areas including Lochalsh, Fort William, Aviemore, Staffin, Window cleaning services in Portree and Straun. Mr. Screeton confided in us that the computer controlled, high rise self climbing machine would fit well with the company’s commercial expansion plans. But he cautioned against reading too much into it saying that the commercial viability of the machine had to be looked into and added, “The machine certainly brings to fore some interesting business ideas”.

Mr. Screeton also talked about his domestic, Home, commercial, and Traditional Window Cleaning business being highly client-oriented, “we have some of the friendliest commercial cleaning plans including our daily, weekly, monthly or pay-as-you-go domestic and commercial cleaning plans”.

Public Relations Officer Mrs. Regina also added that Vision Domestic Window Cleaning services lets the customer choose what they want cleaned - external, internal, office space, kitchen space, public areas and so on or all of it. Internal cleaning of commercial premises starts after the staff has left for the day. She added that their one-time pay-as-you-go Residential Window Cleaning services can also be availed of even on Sundays and Public holidays.

A senior site supervisor added that Vision Cleaning was one of the few domestic and commercial cleaning companies with 100% safety record. “Safety is a priority” he said adding, “We can redo a dirty window but if a worker falls due to lax safety, there usually is no second chance for him”.

Despite safety being a priority, we were told that Vision Cleaning has a “can do” attitude to cleaning jobs taking on any and every domestic and commercial cleaning request no matter the location, height or difficulty.

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