Glass Deck Railing Systems Preserve the View

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    May 01, 2014
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Glass Deck Railing Systems Preserve the View Photo by Panoramic Deck Post

There’s nothing worse than stepping outside to what should be a spectacular view only to find an ugly barrier blocking full appreciation. That’s why glass deck railing systems are in high demand as more building designers are discovering they provide all the necessary protection without requiring compromises in the safety department.

What is a Glass Balcony Railing?

Glass deck railing systems are barriers that deliver all the safety required from building codes without impeding views like concrete walls and other filled-in design structures might. These systems involve the use of specialized posts to hold barrier glass in place. Sleek, slim and strong by design, a glass balcony railing post is barely noticeable, providing for a highly optimized view that might otherwise be obstructed.

Applications for Glass Balcony Railing Systems

There are a number of potential applications for glass deck railing systems that go beyond standard balcony barriers. Some of the more creative ways to use this type of glass-and-post system include:

• Fencing around a pool – There’s no reason to detract from a view with an ugly privacy fence or barrier wall. When safety matters, but so does the scenery, a glass balcony railing delivers the perfect solution.

• Scenic walkways – Some of the best scenic walkways are in locations where safety can become an issue. Forget distracting fencing and consider a glass system instead. This enables walkers, joggers and runners to enjoy nature without putting them at risk.

• Backyards – There’s no reason to compromise the safety of pets and children for those who enjoy conservation land in their backyards. While putting up a fence can help keep them safe, a glass barrier accomplishes the same thing without compromising the view.

Glass deck railing systems deliver all necessary safety features without creating the need to compromise when it comes to safety. When properly installed and fitted with specialized safety glass, this type of fencing system is a superior solution.

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Panoramic Deck Post is the creator of a patented rotating gasket system that enables the installation of glass deck railing systems in a variety of locations. Its glass balcony railingdesign meets building codes across North America and is easy to install.

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