Why Web Applications are more appealing?

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    Jun 18, 2013
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Why Web Applications are more appealing? Photo by Zack Simpson

The days of desktop applications are now very rare. Gradually people have started leaning more towards Internet and Internet based applications. The advancement in the Internet technology also has fuelled this trend tremendously. Web Applications are now the new default in the business world. What makes them so appealing and what are the advantages associated with the web applications are some interesting questions to ponder over!

As we dive into these questions, we would come across several fascinating facts, which make web applications more desirable over the desktop applications. The fundamental fact that web apps offer more flexibility and less pain is one of the major winning points that favor the web applications. With web applications, the apps do more work, and put the end users at ease. There are no more downloads, upgrades etc. It’s as simple as opening up a browser and accessing your application! It is this simplicity clubbed with information processing, which make the web applications so popular. Here are few more reasons, which explain the advantages associated with web applications.

1. Web applications are mobile in nature
Now web applications are easily accessible through the mobile phones. This feature makes them truly mobile and it is a big plus of the web applications. Now the web apps can travel with you anywhere, anytime!

2. Web applications are operating system independent
Web applications are Operating System independent. One can run any OS on their system, including Windows, OSX or Linux and can still access the web apps. All that one needs is an Internet connection and a web browser.

3. Web apps can be accessed from any computer
Web apps can be accessed from any computer and the user is not restricted to just one computer. One can also use the web app service on any computer that is connected to the Internet.

4. Users of Web applications need not worry about upgrading
It is the service provider’s responsibility to provide the latest version of the app to the end users. Users need not worry about upgrading to the latest version of the app.

5. Web app users are always in sync
Every web app user has the access to same version of the web applications. Hence the users need not worry about compatibility issues between different versions of the same application.

6. Web applications do not need installation
Since these apps are offered as a service over the Internet, no installation would be required.

7. Easy Data Sharing
Sharing data in web applications is much simpler and quicker.

8. No Back-ups required
The data of web applications is centrally stored on web app servers. Hence the users don't have to worry about taking backups. The back-up is taken care of, by default, by the service provider.

9. Easy access to Support
Users can easily access the support that they may need in relation to the web application that they use. Every use case scenario can be directly reproduced and corrected by the web application service provider, as and when required.

10. Inexpensive
This is one of the major advantages of web apps. The web applications are inexpensive, which makes them more appealing than the desktop alternatives.

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