Employee Referral Programs : A Boon For Recruiters

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    Jul 24, 2014
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Employee Referral Programs : A Boon For Recruiters Photo by Savio Vadakkan

Arguably one of the most difficult jobs in any organization is that of a recruiter who is tasked with bringing quality talent into the organization. In today’s scenario where demand for skilled talent is much more than supply, everyone is vying for the same talent pool. The battle for talent is intense which make the work of a recruiter even less enviable.

The use of employee referrals as a means of sourcing high potential candidates has indeed come as a boon for recruiters, who have so far been burdened with the sole responsibility of sourcing candidates for open positions. Since employee referral programs are designed to make employees partners in the recruiting process, the job of sourcing potential candidates gets shared across the entire employee base making it a win-win situation for all. Many more people sourcing means access to many more talented candidates for organizations. Recruiters have typically used their own networks and the network of their networks to source candidates for organizations. In an employee referral program, the entire job of sourcing, screening as well as selling the organization to the candidate is done by the employee, saving precious time and effort of the recruiter who can then focus on other positions.

Moreover since employee networks typically consist of similar industry professionals, they are in a better position to source the kind of qualified individuals the organization is looking for. An individual recruiter might need to go through various sources to be able to reach passive candidates not actively looking for a change, who even then might not be open to talking to recruiters on a possible job change. Employees due to their previous professional interactions with such individuals are much better placed to be able to convince them to consider a possible job change. Employees operate from a position of trust, which provides them a great recruiting edge while talking to potential candidates.

It is not that good recruiters cannot source quality professionals, however the time and effort that a recruiter will need to invest in order to be able to source even ten good profiles will be much higher than an effective employee referral program. Since employees know the organization and the work involved, their referrals are also likely to be a better fit, reducing the amount of time required to screen and interview candidates as well. This means that recruiters need to spend lesser time on referral candidates than on candidates from other sources, resulting in all around saving of time and effort.

The best recruiting strategy is one that seeks to combine the expertise of a recruiter with the strengths of an employee referral program to provide the organization with the best in class talent. Recruiters who can work with employees to guide them on how to source and screen candidates they intend to refer have themselves seen the positive effects in terms of much faster hiring in a highly cost effective manner.

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