How to Improve Your Health

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    Sep 28, 2012
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I strongly believe that in order to stay healthy, we should get exercise regularly, eat properly and keep our mind calm. Regular excersise is very important component to a healthy life style. Jogging, walking swimming are the things that strengthen our muscles and make us mentally and physically stronger. We should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. We also have to eat less fatty foods and sweets. And we always have to remind ourselves how beautiful life is.  In my town most people have bad habits: they eat unhealthy food, they are physically inactive and they are usually nervous. Teens often eat junk food and they drink fizzy drinks. They are also physically inactive. Teenagers spend most of their time in front of their computers. They usually sleep during the day.  That`s why they can`t stay in good condition physically, mentally and spiritually. Middle aged women and men use too much fat, sugar, salt in their daily meals as well. That`s why the number of patients with cardiac diseases and diabetics increases every day. People have sleeping disorders and they take sleeping pills or alcohol in order to get enough sleep every night.  But this only leads to sleeping pills and alcohol addiction. Pills and alcohol addicts also have an increasing tolerance as a result of addictive taking pills or drinking. This means that these addictions progress and that the addicts need more and more pills or alcohol in order to feel the same effects.  

All in all, people around me do not eat well, sleep well and exercise well. In my opinion, people should include more juices, fruits and vegetables in their diet which must be balanced with all the necessary vitamins, proteins and minerals. Exercises are good way of health care because they keep us physically fit and active and relieve us from stress.  All things considered, it is very important to improve our lifestyle if we want to improve our health.

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