Get Complete Knowledge about Addiction and Spread It All Over the World

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    Jul 10, 2014
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Get Complete Knowledge about Addiction and Spread It All Over the World Photo by Colin Armstrong

Addiction is a downward spiral which many people around the world unfortunately find themselves in every year. Whether it’s a legal drug like alcohol or hard illegal drugs like heroin, the effects can be devastating for the individual and his or her family and friends. That’s why it is important to understand what addiction is, how it comes about and what options there are available for the addict in question.

Addiction can usually be divided into 2 main camps, physiological addiction and psychological addiction. Physiological addiction is when the addict’s body feels like it needs the drug to function normally, not having the drug can yield painful symptoms and even death in some cases, this is known as withdrawal symptoms.

Psychological addiction is a little different; this is when the addict thinks they need the drug to continue their everyday life normally, whereas the body will not have any adverse effects from not indulging in the drug. The addict may have gotten so used to something like smoking cannabis every day to feel good that he or she think that they will feel terrible if they stop. Sometimes this is exactly the case, however they have to realise that relying on dangerous substances to feel good is not a healthy lifestyle at all and that they can find happiness in life without the drug.

In the UK, the number of people with a alcohol and/or drug addiction keeps rising every year which is a really big problem that many people don’t realise. With our binge-drinking culture, we’re finding more and more people of all walks of life are the victim of alcohol addiction and are in dire need of professional help. The silver lining however is that there are many, many facilities dotted around the UK and the whole world where a drug and/or alcohol addict can receive treatment and start the journey of recovery, ultimately with the objective of getting them back into enjoying life without dangerous substances.

Rehabilitation and Detox clinics are where the magic happens. An addict who makes the right decision will most likely start off in detox where they will shake off their cravings for the drug they are partial to. With the help and supervision of trained professionals, the individual can leave the detox with no traces of the drug in their system and hopefully no further want for the drug, however rehab usually comes after detox.

The individual will work through their problems with drugs or alcohol in the rehab clinics  with a qualified drug counsellor. They’ll learn self-control along with uncovering why they ended up with an addiction in the first place. With the support of friends and family, it is hoped that the addict can then leave rehab with a bright and drug-free future ahead of them.

Addiction is a very real problem in today’s world, but we can overcome it by working together.

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