How I reduced my weight from 80Kg to 72Kg

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    Sep 03, 2012
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I was a very fit and athletic guy during my twenties and I just started putting on in late twenties and early thirties. I always was aware of my pattern of putting up weight which was on average 8-10 kgs over a period of 2-3years. As I was aware of pattern of putting on I was sure that there must be a reverse pattern too. Thus I made up my mind to follow a strict regime of healthy food and regular exercise. In 4 months I achieved the unbelievable reverse pattern with a simple basic routine of healthy food and 1 hour regular gym exercise on alternate days and 1 hour jogging on alternate days.

Daily healthy food routine was:

0730: Getup and drink warm water / warm lemon water

0800: Tea without sugar and 1 diet / marie biscuit

0915: Wheat bread / dry fruits / 2 Egg white only

1030: 2 glass of water

1115: fruits / dry fruits / glass of milk

1300: salads - wheat roll/bread - vegetables / rice once in a week / meat or fish once in a week

1445: curd with lot of water

1700: Tea / coffee without sugar - 1 diet / marie biscuit

1815: fruits

1930: salads - soup

Please note atleast 12 glasses of water is minimum required during the day to kkep your diet on course.

Gym routine is followed in this manner:

Mon / wed / fri - gym with weights / exercise - atleast 1 hour

tue / thurs / sat - jogging at speed of 5-6km/hr - atleast 1 hour

Sunday - should be your rest day with some massage, if possible

Please note your wheat product need not only be bread but it can be anything related to wheat with as less calories as possible.

Strict NO - soft drinks / hard drinks / beer

You can have some wine on sundays but better to avoid those too until you obtain your target and can get back to your normal routine in a very slow manner without gaining further weight.

Always remember your pattern of gaining weight and be aware of it with regular checks on it you can contrtol it in an effective manner and thus can gain control on Weight Management.

Incase you are heavy eater at night try to ease off slowly and not drastically as it should not make you feel weak and which would lead to eating more or feeling dizziness next day. Remember the thumb rule after reducing your weight that at night your body is resting and as less the calories intake before sleeping is as better for you to maintain your weight.

Everything here is Weight Management which is nothing but control of your mind over your eating habits and letting your body adjust to the healthy food intake.

I hope this article will help people in many ways and let them control their weight problems and live a healthy and mentally fit life.

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