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    Sep 04, 2012
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Goa in India is my favourite holiday spot and I dont think twice to make my holidays at the Goan beaches but most of the time it is in the peak season as never thought of going during the off-peak season or say during the indian monsoon season. But this monsoon I had no choice of my weekend holidays near by and thought of why not try goa during the monsoon and to my surprise it was one of my best holidays because of the pleasant weather and a perfect deal which is very rare at the peak season time. Although during my holidays it didn't rained much and experienced only showers but with no sun and cloudy weather it was a cherising moment and to add more fun to my holidays I was right on the sea shore and with such a beautiful view it was a double joy. One thing I should let you know that the day we left goa it started raining cats and dogs and I should admit incase you are going to have such a weather then it could be boring at times except if you are residing at a resort with good pool facilities. If you are a honeymoon couple then I wonder you might still love the rainy weather too so give it a shot to even enjoy your 2nd or 3rd honeymoon too.
Few important tips of Goa in Indian monsoon season:
1. Always look for a beach resort as other place will be wetty and incase the beach is too far you won't be able to go out until you love being drenched.
2. Swimming at goa beaches during monsoon is strictly prohibited and there are life guards warning every 100 mtrs on the complete goan beaches. In any case once you see the sea, you yourself will avoid going for swimming as there are currents strong enough to drag you inside.
3. After 20th August you can get the best deals even in 5 star resorts of goa. If you are lucky enough you can get 3 night stay for even less than 1 night charge of the 5 star resorts peak season charge.
4. Travel by train as you will love the passage of konkan railways all the way till goa or even drop at some station to indulge in further rain gods places which are still virgin as not so hot tourist spots.

Finally I would say is that I enjoyed my Goan Monsoon deal and Im sure you will love it too.

Get wet on the goan beaches with the rain gods and say good bye to sun god for a while.

Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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