Practical Ways to Get Fitter

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    Oct 30, 2012
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Getting into shape is something that lots of us want to do and unless you're a professional athlete it seems that almost everyone has a few pounds they'd like to lose or a muscle group they'd like to firm up. But while lots of us have the desire, many of us find that it's not easy or sometimes even all that feasible to work a new training routine in around our daily lives. The problem is that getting into shape is just impractical and as such many of us end up making no changes to our regular routine. Your average workout session will make you sweaty, will take up time and will make you tired – and when many of us have such an active lifestyle and routine this just isn't something we can afford.

As such then, the idea of being able to get into shape by doing something practical, convenient and functional is a very attractive one and one that may just be the solution so many of us are looking for. Here we will look at some practical methods you can use to get into shape...

Going for Walks

Walking is a perfect way for many of us to workout because it doesn't usually cause us to sweat or get out of breath. You can walk  to work and still be presentable and ready for the day. At the same time if you go for walks this is a gentle form of exercise that won't cause too much strain on your joints and that will be great for getting fresh air and sunshine (and it's a pleasant way to drink in the surroundings too). If normally you would drive somewhere, then consider leaving a little early and getting a good power walk out of it.

Likewise you might find that you already have to walk as part of your lifestyle – whether this is to take the dog out for a walk or to visit your local shop. Make the walk a bit longer, use power walking techniques and voila you have a workout.


If walking takes too long or doesn't address the muscles you want to work, then cycling might be the answer. This will help you to get to your location quicker but at the same time will help you to improve your fitness. If you can get a folding bike then this will be practical for folding down and storing at your office too.

Working Out In Front of the TV

No matter how busy your lifestyle, it's unlikely that you never take any 'me time' to watch some TV. Well this time can perfectly be adapted to help toughen up your abs or burn a few calories – just do some skipping while you watch for the first thirty minutes, some sit ups, or even just squeeze a ball between your legs. It's easy to slip into your regular routine and it won't work up too much of a sweat or again put too much strain on your body.

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