The Top 3 Advantages Of Data Centers

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    Aug 19, 2014
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The Top 3 Advantages Of Data Centers Photo by Reagan Fernandes

Most business owners are aware of the fact that data centers have their merits. The real question, though,boils down to one simple fact – do they need these advantages for their web hosting needs?  If the real advantage of using a data center is inapplicable to your business, the question of choosing a data center services does not necessarily arise. That being said, it is important to understand the potential benefits that you can reap from this.So, here are the top advantages as to why taking up a data center in India for your business makes sense:

• Accessibility:

In terms of web hosting, almost no downtime is a significant advantage. When you do not have to worry about networking needs, you are in position to keep your website accessible to your clients at any time of the day or night. With 99.99% uptime SLA, most web hosting tensions have evaporated. Data centersnow providebandwidth and network as a service. With N1+ network redundancy, the downtime has now become a non-issue.

• Safety:

This is not a major concern for smaller organizations, understandably so. That being said, it is also a pertinent point to consider, given that any organization would want to consider data privacy or security. Most data center services, addressing this, offer certain standard data security offerings such as:

o 24X7X365 video surveillance
o Biometric scan security
o Card key access

Thus, with multiple levels of security, your data is secure. However, data center services also offer customized data security, which is an important asset for every business. This offers the quality data protection you need.  


This is a group of services that you purchase individually for your server. Your servers will need power redundancy, cooling, technical expert assistance in time of need, fire protection, disaster protection, etc. You are paying for most of these services individually. You can skip it all and enjoy better quality infrastructure for your servers with data centers in India. You can depend upon the best of industry quality deliverables with the data center services. Check out how it translates into quality data center support translates into better server and better web hosting deliverables:

o Different cooling zones with HVAC with maintain your servers at the optimal level of cooling, which helps you maintain the highest and consistent level of performance.

o Multiple backups throughout the day allow your server to remain disaster ready or emergency ready. 

o Can you depend on a consistent power supply in India? It can be unlikely. Even in the metros, it can be challenging. But, the quality data centers in India offer multiple levels of power redundancy. In other words, it will be much better choice to rent the data center for most businesses in India as very few businesses are in position to create multiple levels of power redundancy.

Make a choice that protects your business interest with the best web hosting support vendor rather than spreading your financial reserves too thin over the daily web hosting challenges.

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