Introduction To The Virtual Private Server Hosting

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    Aug 18, 2014
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Introduction To The Virtual Private Server Hosting Photo by Reagan Fernandes

VPS server is one of the web hosting services available in India.  VPS hosting, which is commonly known as Virtual private server hosting, is broadly used term to describe virtual machines. Let’s dive in to understand it better.


The VPS hostingis a unique kind of web hosting service. It is a dedicated section of sever that is virtually partitioned into several parts. It has its own security, operating system, etc. This type of web hosting can be confusing. However, simply put, VPS hosting is the best of shared web hosting and dedicated hosting. Multiple servers are installed on a single physical server. But, it offers advantages of dedicated servers such as control, root access, security, choices of software, customization, and more.



Here are several advantages of the selecting the VPS hosting for your business.


• Pricing: Though, you may not receive the equivalent bandwidth, you will receive most features of dedicated server in much more affordable pricing. It is one of the most important benefits of the VPS hosting in India.

• Easy adoption of dedicated server’s features: Take advantage of the advanced features of dedicated servers.

o Root access
o 99.99% Uptime to keep the website accessible
o Flexibility to customise servers as per the requirement
o Much higher control over the all aspects of the websites such as DNS, databases, users, email, etc.
o Easily scalable
o 24/7/365 customer support


There are some of the downsides of VPS server hosting. Though, it is cheaper than dedicated servers, it is more expensive than the basic shared web hosting. Though, it does not need to be a big deal, it can be extremely expensive decision for the small and medium size businesses. Another challenge can be resource allocation. Since the physical sever is the same, so the resource allocation of RAM, HDD space, CPU, disk I/O and other computational resources is an issue. Though, virtualization offers higher control, it does not change the ground reality of the of VPS server hosting. The system administration and maintenance of this server is a concern too.

What to look for? 

If VPS server hosting in India is the right choice for your online business, you need to consider the right specifications before you approve the service provider. Here are the primary criteria for the consideration.

• Uptime record
• Pricing
• Bandwidth

In conclusion, it may seem interesting to take benefit of all the additional features for much lower price. However, you should only consider it if you plan to upgrade it eventually. Without a smart long term plan, it can be an expensive and technologically limiting web hosting service for your online business.

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