A True Masterpiece

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    Nov 22, 2012
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Throughout the history of mankind there have been many monumental creations through art, sculpture, music, and poetry. Although some credit mankind for the downfall of the human race, man has also added to its' beauty and mystic. Besides the more recent creations in art, there is also an abundance of creative art that dates back over forty thousand years BCE. One of the more famous creations of that time is the Lion Mn of Hohlenstein Stadel. Considered one the greatest treasures of prehistoric art, this ivory carved figure dates back over 30,000 BCE. Originating from the Aurignacian culture, the Lion Man of Hohlenstein Stadel is recognized as the oldest anthropomorphic animal carving in the world. Widely considered a tool culture, the Aurignacian people are responsible for the most productive petroglyphs and pictographs produced. Through there consistent evolution and progression in the arts and sculptures, the Aurignacian humans are considered the first modern humans Europe.

This master piece was discovered by excavationist in a cave deep in the belly of the Hohlenstein Mountain located in Swabian Jura. Archeologist believe the lion headed figure played a significant role in the culture of the inhabitants of early Upper Paleolithic. The statuette has recently come to be known as the lion-human because of insufficient proof of the gender of the lion. Carved from mammoth ivory, this prehistoric treasure stands eleven inches in height. Of all the Ice Age sculptures believed to exist in that time, the Lion Man of Hohlenstein Stadel is the tallest and most celebrated. Partly for its hybrid nature and also because the figure is depicted in cave paintings throughout the world.

Although recents artwork has surpassed the creativity of those who came before, prehistoric art has remained relevant and apart of the creative world. There is no questioning the engenuity and artistic genius of our forefathers. The true treasure in art work like this is that it show's you how man has evolved throughout time. 

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