Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for Art

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    Jan 05, 2013
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I am a doll artist. If you're asking yourself "What the heck does that mean?", it means that I create sculpture in doll form using cloth, wire and recycled materials. And I think that's what sets my art apart from other doll artists.

I specialize in using as many recycled items as possible.       Here's an example. The skin of many of my dolls is made from an old bed sheet. The doll's clothing is made from a couple of old nightgowns, and the base of the doll is...wait for it...a 2L Pepsi bottle! Filled with clean sand it makes a great doorstop doll!      Anyone can use recycled materials in their crafts and art, but few really think about it. It only really dawned on me because of lack of funds (no job will do that to you). But now that I do, I find that I actually have more choices in interesting design. Ever pulled a sweater apart and found all that curly yarn? What great hair! What about a leather handbag that's just falling apart? Doll shoes!

But, Leanne, you say, I'm not a doll artist. Why would I do this? Fear not! All sorts of recycling can be used throughout the house and can be made wonderfully artsy! Have any old tiles from a kitchen or bathroom? Glue a bit of felt to the bottom and voila! Coasters! Cover Pringles cans in scrapbooking paper or fabric and you have a great pencil holder. I've even covered a hot chocolate tin in fabric, attached pin cushions to the lid and made myself a travelling sewing caddy.      

Anything out there can be used, and reused, to make for a beautiful project. Go out and look at your garbage in a whole new way. I guarantee the you will be surprised with what you find and that your art will take on a whole new direction of beauty and wonder.

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