Snow White and the Huntsmen

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    Nov 22, 2012
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A classical film redone into a thriller.  Snow White and the Huntsmen shocked me it was one of the best movies I have seen all year.  A Disney film redone into an exhilarating action packed movie.  Kristen Stewart is at her best in this film.  Personally I didn’t think she should play anything but in the Twilight Saga but she surprised me as she gave a stupendous performance.  This movie is a remake of the classic Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  This movie tells of an epic story about how a young girl defies her step mother and gets the whole kingdom back to what it was when her father ruled.

Some people did not like this movie because they said Kristen Stewart acts the same in all her movies, I beg to differ she gave an astonishing and surprising performance in this exciting tale of love and adventure. The story line and the special effects were shocking and exciting.  The white mystical creature in the movie was the most beautiful and epic part of the movie.  It shows that no matter how small or big you are everyone and everything has a purpose in life.  In the film, she walks up to this white mystical beast and it bows down to her and blesses her.  At that moment the dwarfs would do anything for her because they realize she is the one who will restore their kingdom to the powerful and peaceful place that it was.

The director of this movie couldn’t have picked a better actress to play this role.  Kristen Stewart gives her most unexpected performance of the year.  She has played in a lot of movies but this one makes it to the top.  With the cast and crew that help make this movie it is one of the most amazing and theatrical remakes of a Disney film.  I recommend this movie to anyone searching for an action packed film with drama and excitement.  This movie has shown me that you are significant without a doubt.  It will give you the courage to stand up and believe in yourself.  That is what Kristen Stewart showed in this film.  

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