Wind Power Really Works

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    Nov 15, 2012
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The reports of major oil spills, melting ice caps and weather changes has currently influenced many to use wind power but “Does it really work?” and “Is this source of energy a waste of time?” The use of "wind" as a power source is not a new idea and has evolved over many hundreds of years.

Are You Going Green?
What exactly is “Going Green?” and “Is Wind Power a solution?” The meaning of going green today basically means using natural resources in a moderate way and replacing the natural resources used so there will be enough to use in the future. The definition of going green surpasses recycling and using your own reusable bags at the store. Recycling, driving an economical-friendly vehicle and using your own bags are great ideas that almost anyone can actively take part of. One a larger scale “Going Green” has other topics to consider such as, natural renewable solutions of energy. Wind power is one solution of the puzzle for a natural renewable source of clean energy. Unlike coal or oil, wind power is not only cleaner but renewable. Coal and oil are natural solutions but they are not renewable. Once the major and smaller sources of oil and coal are gone, they are gone forever.

Is Wind Power a Waste of Time?
Wind power in comparison to oil and coal in the short term can seem as if it were a waste of time. To have a powerful system of renewable and clean energy sources for the future, the use of wind power has started to grow worldwide at a steady pace. The use of wind power is not a new phenomenon.  This clean and renewable source has been used for thousands of years. Investing clean energy that is renewable for the long term is a great use of our time. Even though there are numerous studies about energy and renewable clean energy, the source of wind power has stood against the test of time.

Does it Really Work?
There exists quicker ways to provide usable energy on a large scale.  The ways that are quicker to obtain and are available now are sources such as coal and oil. Coal and oil have been drilled and recovered from mines for many decades and have proven to be great sources of non-renewable energy. Throughout the many decades oil has been drilled and coal has been mined, we have been losing two natural resources that cannot be replaced.

Wind power really dose work and is a great source of energy for the long term.  This source of energy has a long track record to stand upon, and has proven to be a great source. Even though this resource has not been used in place of coal and oil permanently, many believe that this resource will provide usable energy for everyday lives of peoples around the world. Using clean and renewable technology has been proven to work. Many today look forward to a cleaner source of energy to power their cars, homes and other aspects of their lives for the long term.

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