Life Casting Is a Fun and Profitable Hobby

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    Aug 12, 2014
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Life Casting Is a Fun and Profitable Hobby Photo by Andres Monde

Are you looking for a new hobby?  Have you tried mold and casting? Not only educational and fun but it could turn out to be profitable for you.

Mold making is an age-old practice of reproducing anything from inanimate objects to represent the likeness of persons. It is an industry by itself even since the beginning of civilization. The Egyptians and the Chinese were the first recorded users of mold making.

Through the years, different kinds of materials have been used to make molds and castings. They include wax, animal fat, sand, wax, glue, gypsum, algenate, metal and plastic, among many others. Ever since man learned the use of mold making, many industries even today have found them useful and economical. Most everything that we use today has a mold for producing a large amount of uniformed products.

With the advent of new technology, mold making and casting has not only become cheaper, but also flexible. Many arts and crafts projects can be made with the use of molds and casting. The most popular materials today are alginate and silicone. These two materials are very safe to use and are not damaging to the environment.

Alginate and silicone are rubberized materials used even by Hollywood to cast models for their movie projects. Do you want to reproduce great works of arts? It is so easy with the use of mold making and casting. You can even mass-produce them for your friends or as a profitable arts and crafts venture.

Even kids can be taught how to create their own molds to recreate art objects or even any part of their body, their own hands for example. Some of the creative school projects that you and your child can make is recreating landscapes, seascapes, or any topographical representation in a science project. There are countless ways you and your child can enjoy endless hours of fun and learning!

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