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    Nov 22, 2012
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The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry has seen 175 million guests in its 79 years of business. Throughout the years these customers have been treated to incredible exhibits, some hands-on, others just for viewing. With over 400,000 square feet of exhibit space, the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry has been named one of the top 50 family attractions by a 2004 Zagat Survey. The museum has truly impressed people throughout the years, due to its focus on truly engaging exhibits.

Certain museum exhibits are permanent fixtures. These fan favorites include the famous Coal Mine, which re-creates what it was like to work in a coal mine back in 1933. The exhibit even features original equipment from the era. Another permanent exhibit is an original U-505, a German submarine. This is the only U-505 up for display in the Western Hemisphere, so each year the museum is frequented by war buffs and historians, eager to see the innards of this famous submarine.

Exhibits at the museum are often updated and changed, to keep things fresh each season. The fall 2012 season showcases the popular Charlie Brown and the Great Exhibit. This exhibit showcases the history of Peanuts and its beloved author Charles Schulz. The exhibit is appropriate for all ages, with many hands-on activities for children to enjoy.

The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry has always put emphasize on hands-on learning. Their Transportation Zone features the Pioneer Zephyr, the first diesel-powered streamlined stainless-steel train. Guests of the museum can take a tour though the Pioneer Zephyr during their visit. Guests can then make their way to other zones, where hands-on activity is promoted and encouraged. They can even work in the Fab Lab MSI, where building is just the beginning.
Overtime the museum has seen some favorite exhibits come and go. One such exhibit was the museum’s walk-through human heart. This exhibit was famous and a quick fan favorite. The exhibit that has replaced it continues to grow in popularity. YOU! the Experience features a 3D heart, two cadavers and a human patient simulator. It’s certainly easy to see why the museum moves out some exhibits, only to replace them with some modern favorites.  

The Omnimax Theater is one way to enjoy learning in a more relaxed environment. Despite being able to take a seat, the Omnimax Theater still engages the mind and takes viewers on a journey. The theater is Chicago’s only wrap-around, five-story, domed theater. It’s quite famous for this reason. Currently playing in the theater is Air Racers, which puts you in the cockpit as an elite pilot. If speed isn’t your thing, settle in for another show, Born To Be Wild. This film documents the rescue of orphaned elephants and orangutans.

When it comes to quality exhibits, the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry has some of the best worldwide. The museum is world renowned for its winning exhibits, hands-on devices and focus on engaging the guest. Step through the threshold of this incredible museum and find yourself traveling through past, present and future: reliving some of history’s greatest moments, playing a modern doctor and even exploring the future of space travel.   

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