Testosterone for the Average Man

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    Feb 01, 2013
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Testosterone for the Average Man Photo by John Andrews

Not everyone is a body-builder looking for the most powerful testosterone supplement to get buff. For some of us testosterone is not so much for increasing muscle but for developing muscle. Many men suffer from the symptoms of low testosterone levels.

Testosterone: Testosterone is a hormone that both men and women make. The bodies of men make more testosterone and testosterone plays an important role in the overall development and specifically sexual development in men. It makes the teenage boy’s voice into a man’s voice and causes facial hair to erupt. That’s why it’s often known as the male hormone but some men are not able to produce adequate amounts of testosterone for various reasons.

The average man that has low testosterone levels experiences many difficult symptoms that affect libido and a lack of energy for the day. He doesn’t need the heavy doses of testosterone that body-builders take. There are dangers in taking those potent boosters. Two of them are:

  1. Hormonal Imbalance: Testosterone is not a toy to be played with. Taking this hormone is unprecedented quantities (and sometimes illegal) quantities can throw off your body’s hormonal balance which is very difficult to regain.
  2. Reduction in natural testosterone production: When you start to take forms of testosterone that make your testosterone levels skyrocket immediately, over time your body thinks it doesn’t need to produce any testosterone naturally. That’s how you become dependent on testosterone boosters for life.
  3. Side-effects: The less talked about side-effects of such hormonal supplementation are quite serious. They include liver damage, lowered libido, acne and hypertension. The only people that benefit from this kind of supplementation are older men who cannot produce any testosterone.

Some of the advantages of natural testosterone boosters are:

  1. They help natural testosterone production:Some natural boosters are gentle. They come alongside your body and help increase its testosterone production within and up to safe and healthy limits. One example of such a natural booster is fenugreek seed extract that can be found in the supplement Ageless Male. For men who need to bolster their testosterone production, reading reviews of Ageless Male is a good starting point.
  2. Estrogen inhibitors: Another way some testosterone supplements work is by gently suppressing the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, which is the body’s natural process. These are often helpful for women that have been diagnosed with low testosterone too.
  3. The right amount: Not too much and not too little of testosterone keeps a man feeling healthy, energetic, in love and happy. This hormone can steal the life out of your life if left unattended but all that can change with just a little natural testosterone boosting.

So it’s clear that if you have lower testosterone levels and you want to bump them up to normal and healthy levels, natural testosterone boosters are a better choice for the average man. You will gain muscle and experienced an improved libido on these natural testosterone supplements. So keep researching testosterone supplements and choose wisely.

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