How to Raise Testosterone Levels Through Exercise

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    Nov 22, 2012
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Testosterone is an important male hormone that's responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics, energy metabolism, and increase in muscle mass and sexual performance. Testosterone levels can gradually begin to dip after a man turns 40. This decrease can cause sluggishness, lack of concentration, increase in body fat, and diminished libido. Changing your lifestyle pattern for the better can have a significant impact on your testosterone levels.

Lifestyle modifications, like eating healthier, exercising daily, and refraining from alcohol and smoking can enhance testosterone levels. Exercise boosts your immune system that helps to ward off diseases. Slow and high-intensity exercises are the best way to improve muscle size and raise testosterone levels. Here are some exercises you should engage in to keep your testosterone levels within a healthy range.

Exercises to Raise Testosterone Levels

  • Lift weights. It triggers a testosterone surge and vastly improves low testosterone levels. Perform compound exercises like bench presses, barbell squats, dead lifts, and seated rows using weights as they use large muscle groups at a time and increase testosterone levels.
  • Do at least 5 repetitions per set and repeat each set three times. Give your body a couple of minutes to rest between each set to recover the strength and then continue exercising.
  • When you lift weights, remember to gradually progress to higher weights. If you start light and work your way up slowly, and you'll soon be able to lift an impressive amount of weight. Lifting weights also enhances muscle endurance.
  • Cardio workouts can also increase testosterone. Biking and sprinting are good examples of testosterone-boosting exercises. Running uphill and working out on a training bike with a high-resistance setting can also increase testosterone levels.
  • Swimming and stair stepping for 30 to 45 minutes every day is another great cardiovascular exercise. It'll also help you lose weight if you're overweight. Obesity is a leading cause for low testosterone levels.
  • If you engage in weightlifting, remember not to do it every day and never exceed your limit. Don’t exercise the same set of muscles every day. Resting once every few days gives your muscles time to heal. Overdoing it can also have an adverse effect on your testosterone levels.

Just exercising isn’t enough to increase testosterone. Your diet also plays an equally important role in it. Foods high in quality protein zinc and monounsaturated fats are essential for healthy testosterone levels, along with nutritional supplements like Ageless Male. It contains fenugreek seed extract which naturally raises testosterone levels to the normal, acceptable range.

You can go through its reviews and see if it's the right product for you. Be alert to Ageless Male scam testimonials – this product is completely safe and is being used by thousands of men with positive results. Remember that nutrition and exercise, not to forget a stress-free life, is the best route to a fit and healthy life.

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