Eat Soup for Better Health

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    Nov 13, 2012
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Even if you’re not sick, soup can improve your health. Soup is simply good food with incredible healing properties. Soup’s health benefits improve when the soup is served hot, but cold soup has its benefits too. So, break out the saucepan, because it’s time to make soup that’s sure to warm the soul and keep the body healthy.

When you fry or stew meat and vegetables, you tend to lose many of the healthy properties. When cooked all together in a soup, these same meat and vegetables retain their healthy properties. Soups can contain vitamins, nutrients and what’s typically referred to as general soul. The soul of the soup is how it makes you feel before, during and after eating. It should provide you with energy and feelings of positivity. These things are all great for your body.

Soups also have lower calories and are a lot less fattening than many other dishes. Soup is the perfect meal for someone wanting to lose weight, but still eat delicious foods. Consider putting together a nice chicken soup or vegetable soup. Vegetable soup is the healthiest, as it has the most vegetables. Still, all soups have their health benefits, including chicken noodle and other family favorites.

Soups are particularly healthy because they restore water to the body. It is recommended to have eight servings of water each and every day. A bowl of soup can provide one of those servings of water to the body. Restoring water actually keeps blood pressure at healthy levels. If you’re someone who has an issue with high or low blood pressure, you can benefit from having soup once a day. Ask your doctor if they think having a bowl of soup each day can help maintain your salt and blood pressure levels.

Breast cancer is a growing concern for women everywhere. Some soups actually have properties that are proven to lower your risk for breast cancer. Simply eat a lot of Miso soup, a Japanese favorite or any other soup that contains soy. Having a bowl of Miso soup every other day greatly improves your overall health and your breast health. If Miso soup isn’t your thing, look online for soy soup recipes.

Hot soups certainly contain the most health properties, but not a lot of people want to eat hot soup in hot weather. There are some cold soup options for when summer rolls around. Borscht is a soup that contains many healthy properties. It’s a cold soup that’s bursting with nutrients. It’s made with beets and seasonings and served cold. Gazpacho is another cold soup that’s refreshing and healthy. It’s a great source of antioxidants.

When it comes to losing weight and staying in great health, soup is the perfect dish. It’s an incredible way to keep the body healthy. Certain soups can be served cold, allowing for year round soupy benefits. If you’re a woman, Miso soup actually has been proven to help fight breast cancer. You can stay in optimal health by adding soup to your diet. This year switch to soup to get in better shape.   

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