De-stress with Dessert

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    Jul 12, 2014
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De-stress with Dessert Photo by Dales Eden

Often see people binge eating and most of the time it is either junk or sweets. Most of the time people can control it, but sometime, the deliciousness of the sweet prevents it.

Many of us find ourselves resorting to desserts after a long day at work to relieve all the stress. Sometimes, all you need is that piece of cake or a slice of barfi.

Dessert is rightly spelled as “stressed” backwards. Though some people may find is all hocus but even scientifically it is proven that sugar in sweets release certain enzymes that relieve your nerves of all the stress.

How would you like to De-stress yourself with desserts? Nice, right! Imagine having a long day at work or a stressful first half and you get the yummiest piece of cake or tender sweets delivered right at your doorstep! Sounds heavenly!

Sweets shop in Andheri west live to serve you in every way possible. Serving majority of sweets in India under one roof is their specialty. Serving you, your hometown dish from thousands of miles away in a matter of a few hours is as de-stressed as you can get.

It is amongst my favorite Sweets shop in India. People might consider this exaggeration but try it to know that this sweets shop in Andheri Lokhandwala lives up to your expectation.

Variety of sweets from across the country is found here rightly. This sweets shop in Mumbai take a brand new take on the traditional sweets and meet the various demands of the people. Whether you want it to be low fat or full of fat, this is the place to try.

Chocolate is considered the king of desserts by many. Whether it’s a simple hot chocolate or a truffle cake, chocolate is the key ingredient not only to these delicacies but also to de-stress yourself. It can be considered as a detox to stress.

Indulge in the variety of sweets here from traditional rasmalai and gulab jamun to pastries and macronies. Desserts are rightly the best way to get rid of all your nerves and work load. Savoring them literally make you forget the happenings for the day. Even if it’s temporary, it is completely worth it.

So do try this place after a long day and you will find every word of this true. Savor each moments with these delicacies and for a few minutes forget the outside world.

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