Tips for Ensuring Dining Out for Breakfast Does Not Compromise Your Healthy Eating Plans

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    Feb 07, 2014
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Tips for Ensuring Dining Out for Breakfast Does Not Compromise Your Healthy Eating Plans Photo by Ella Methew

For people trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy diet, the idea of eating breakfast in a restaurant can be a little daunting. However, eating breakfast out need not be unhealthy. When researching for places for breakfast, restaurants in Perth may provide some surprising options which will not compromise your healthy eating plans.

Research the options: If your friends are suggesting breakfast out, why not research the options and suggest some places for breakfast. Restaurants in Perth will often have traditional breakfast items such as pastries and cooked breakfast options along with healthier choices. If you have researched the menus and checked what is available, you can suggest a restaurant which caters for your needs and will provide a great venue for your friends.

Watch the extras: While you may choose a healthy breakfast option, you should take care with those extra dishes and drinks which could add calories and fats. Milkshakes, syrups and rich coffees can soon add up and increase your calorie consumption without you realising it. Look for healthy alternatives such as fresh fruit juice or stick to plain teas or coffee to reduce those extra calories.

Consider the whole day: If a heavier breakfast is unavoidable, why not consider the whole day. You can easily balance out a more calorific breakfast with a light lunch and dinner in the rest of the day. Realistically, if you are enjoying a leisurely weekend breakfast with friends, you are unlikely to want a lunch, so the calories from your breakfast will cover two meals. Of course, you should still consider the healthiest choices and remember to ask if there is some menu flexibility when booking places for breakfast, restaurants in Perth will often happily accommodate dietary requests such as grilling foods instead of frying, which will reduce the fat and calories.

Encourage healthy activity: If you are concerned about a healthy lifestyle, why not suggest your friends join you in some activity after your breakfast. You can prolong the enjoyment of your socialising by having a nice walk after breakfast. This will give you a chance to continue chatting while you walk off some of your breakfast.

Don't blow the diet: One of the worst ways to compromise your healthy eating plans, is to simply think “oh, well” and order anything. While you may be now sat in the restaurant, remember that you are likely to regret gorging on pastries later. Keep your healthy eating plans in mind and consider which choices are best suited to them.

Eating out for breakfast need not compromise your healthy eating plans. Remember that when booking places for breakfast, restaurants in Perth will usually be happy to accommodate any dietary requirements and will answer any menu questions you may have. Simple substitutions such as swapping a regular omelette to an egg white omelette can be easily accomplished but can create a healthy option.  If you plan in advance, you increase your chances of not compromising your diet, which will allow you to relax and enjoy your dining experience.

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