Essential Tips for Cooking Indian Food!

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    Jan 03, 2014
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Essential Tips for Cooking Indian Food! Photo by Shailendra Taku

Cooking any type of cuisine in the world, be it Indian or some other, requires great skills. But compared to other food types, Indian delicacy stands to be a bit tougher to make. It is primarily because the cultural diversity in the country has brought in a great deal of variation amidst the cooking methods followed in the different regions.

Also, this diversity is the reason behind the popularity of cuisines made in India across world class cities like Melbourne, New York and others. If you stay in Melbourne and wish to master cooking the flavours of India then the following tips will help you cook the best Indian food in Melbourne.

Take quality time

Mastering cooking won't happen overnight and thus you will have to be quite patient. Give enough time to yourself as you start preparing the varied dishes. To cook the best Indian food in Melbourne, you will have to understand all the vital ingredients in depth. Always remember that the key ingredients take time in developing their flavour; even rushing with onions is not advisable. The spices can approximately take up to 20 minutes to gain the required colour and flavour.

Select the ingredients carefully

The constituents play a vital role in making the dishes better. You should be very careful as you pick them for preparing the best Indian food in Melbourne. Select the full-fat options and make it a point to choose the brown onions instead of the milder red kinds. Follow the recipes carefully and stick to the instructions as given.

Use fresh spices

Use of fresh spices apparently will enrich the flavour and look of your meal and this is what the best Indian food in Melbourne boast of. Buy for the spices from an esteemed store; and ensure to replace them at least in every 6 months so that they stay fresh for a longer period.

Measure it carefully

Cooking is all about adding the things in right quantity so that everything leaves its respective flavour in the dish thus prepared. Use a measuring spoon and add the ingredients accordingly. When adding salt or chili powder, this approach will prove to be a great help.

Some other useful tips:

  • There are certain ingredients that can be kept safe for future use by freezing them. You can easily store chilies and ginger by keeping them unwashed in a freezer. Just remember to wash them as and when you take them out of the freezer.

  • To peel off the tomatoes easily while cooking, prick their skin and immerse them in boiling water for around 5 or 10 minutes.

  • Adding a little sugar will enhance the flavour of your tomatoes making your best Indian food in Melbourne stand more appealing.

  • If you can make use of these friendly tips, you will surely be able to master the art of cooking the best Indian food in Melbourne!

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Shailendra Taku is the founder of Shavan's Indian Restaurant, one of the authentic and best Indian restaurant in Melbourne. He is always happy to share his passion related to food and mostly in Indian cuisine.

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