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    Apr 15, 2013
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Rosacea is one of those disorders that affects millions of people yet seems to have more questions than direct answers. Because everyone is affected differently by the symptoms it’s hard to pin down what the best treatment for their rosacea is. What may work for one person may not be the best solution for another.

Rosacea is characterized by redness or flushing of the skin on the face most commonly, red pimples or pustules and enlarged blood vessels. Some people even experience burning or itching of the skin or dry flaky patches. There are various ways to provide treatment for rosacea, but it is considered a chronic condition that there is no known cure for. It can, however, go into a dormant stage and the sufferer will not have any symptoms at all during this period. There are triggers that will usually predictably cause an outbreak and they are different for everyone. Some of the most common trigger factors are sun exposure, certain skin care products, heat or a heat producing activity such as exercise and some skin care products.

Various things will be effective as a treatment for rosacea, but something that worked one time may not work another time. All the factors that contribute to the cause need to be addressed and if there is a different cause each time, it is difficult to find an overall positive treatment that will have the same effect for every outbreak.

Sometimes certain drugs have been proven to be effective as a treatment for rosacea. Different antibiotics, topical barrier creams and occasionally drugs containing sulfur or azelaic acid have all had some success in reducing symptoms in some patients.  They can at least limit the amount of damage the skin undergoes from permanently enlarged blood vessels or scarring from pustules. Most doctors will have to get a very good history from their patients about what has worked for them in the past and what are the biggest triggers in order to best formulate a plan for treatment of rosacea that is specific to each individual patient.

The best advocate for rosacea patients is themselves. They need pay close attention to what happens in their lives to cause outbreaks and what works the most effectively for them as a treatment for rosacea. The more they can eliminate causes, the less they will suffer severe outbreaks and the damage that can be caused by them. It is necessary to take extra special care of their skin so they don’t cause extra irritation that can exacerbate symptoms. This will involve gentle cleaning routines, the use of hypo-allergenic makeup and skin care products and consistently using a topical product as a treatment for rosacea even when there are no active symptoms present on the skin.

The best treatment for rosacea if often prevention and it’s in the hands of each person that suffers from symptoms and flare ups to manage the causes and use the most effective treatments that work for them. Rosacea can never be cured, but it can be managed successfully for years with the right tools and information. 

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