Dominos- Good Or Bad

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    Sep 04, 2012
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Dominos- Good or bad?
In my opinion, Dominos pizza is not very good. In this article, I will explain why thoroughly, in every aspect, such as pricing, service, taste, and cleanliness. I will first start out with the service.

Dominos service is okay if you are not that much of a pizza person. But if you are, and you like the employees to do good service, this is not the type of restaurant you would like to go to. Last time I went to Dominos, there was a cashier that took about 20 minutes just to ring up what I ordered. All I ordered was 3 pies of pizza with no toppings. They were medium. There was hardly any customers, so they couldn't possibly be doing anything else. Another thing is that when the phone rings for a phone order, another person should pickup because they are serving another customer. This is why I do not like Dominos much anymore.

Pricing, is very expensive for the size. Their pizza for a large is hardly a medium in a regular pizzeria. Also, the pizza is small like a personal pizza type of slice. The pricing is so outrageous. Last time I went to Dominos, which was a month ago, the price of a large pizza was $13.99. I mean the pizza isn't even the size of a medium and you are charging almost double? This did not make sense. Delivery charges are also outrageous. It is $2.75 where I live for in town and $3.50 for out of town in a maximum range of 3 miles. How does this make sense. Other pizzerias in town are $1.25 for 5 mile range.

Taste:The taste for pizza is not so great also. Their pizza is so oily and unhealthy. They put a pound of extra cheese even if there is no extra cheese. The toppings taste like they are very old. They do not taste good. Another thing about Dominos is that it doesn't taste good at all after 3 hours. It tastes aired out.

CLEANLINESS IS AWFUL. This is the worst aspect of Dominos. There was spider webs on corners of the walls. It looks like they barely clean walls and wipe the floors. There is no napkins and if you ask for more, they yell to get your own. Parmesan is extra $0.50 per packet.


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