Morphing Mum

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    Sep 06, 2012
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Since I could remember I have always idolised my mother with much love and respect. Mum was absolutely amazing! Born in 1931 there was no such thing as multi-tasking for Mum all in all it was just part of life. How did she do it?

To me and Mum was always immaculately dressed, the house spotless, and yummy meals on the table every evening. Again, Mum was absolutely amazing, how did she do it? And by 'it' I mean how did Mum do so extremely wonderfully well at being a Mum yet all the time being and looking amazingly beautiful?

Again, how did she do it? How did Mum managed to do all that needed to be done whilst being and looking wonderfully beautiful? Well when I myself became a Mum, guess what, Mum let me into a wee secret. And the secret was simply that it was absolutely not true. What...not true, how can that be?

Mum did however agree that in the beginning she was amazingly beautiful, immaculately dressed with matching handbags and shoes, the house was always spotless and yummy meals on the table every evening, then we came along ... her children. Yep that's right her children. Spanning 15 years from her first born to her seventh child Mum morphed from this beautiful home goddess to, well to Mum.

And now it was my time, my Morphing Mum time.

From a once slim and spunky sheila with a wardrobe full of hot outfits the envy of many of my friends, a spotless house with lovely furnishings and ornaments in every room, and meals to die for on the table every evening.

Well four sons and five grandchildren later much has changed. You see I too have morphed ... well I guess, with much love and respect I too have Morphed into, well into Mum.

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