Why is it mandatory to get a medical certificate for the Dubai Visa?

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    Jul 14, 2014
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Why is it mandatory to get a medical certificate for the Dubai Visa? Photo by Arvind  Sharma

The Dubai Health Authority has stringent rules regarding the health of citizens of Dubai. The screening tests that are required are based on the Federal Laws of the country to ensure a healthy living and prevent the spread of any disease that can become a treat to the public health. Therefore, it is mandatory for any individual applying for certain visas to get a medical certificate for visa to ensure that you are not carrying any disease.

To get a certificate of a Dubai medical for visa you need to undertake the following steps:

Step 1: get an appointment with the medical center.

First you must make an appointment with the center to have your medical checkup. You must do these tests at the approved medical center which you can check for online. These medical centers are authorized by the Dubai Health authority; therefore you will not have any problem with your visa application. You will have to enter your visa details when you are applying for medical certificate for visa. When you are visiting the medical center, it is necessary to carry a few documents like your passport, passport size photographs, employment letter in the occasion of applying for an employment visa. If you are applying for a visa renewal, you will have to carry the official Dubai National ID card, the health card or any other government issued ID. Ensure that you make the proper payment for all the medical tests you will be undergoing.

Step 2: visit the center for the tests

The series of tests would not take more than an hour. All the tests that need to be done are actually blood tests and x-rays. You will be tested for transmissible diseases like HIV, HBV, AIDs, Hepatitis B, TB, Leprosy and Syphilis. The X-ray is taken for the purpose of checking for Tuberculosis. Individuals who are carrying scars of TB will not be eligible to get their visa stamped. Women will be tested to see if they are pregnant, and if they are, they will require special permission to ensure that they get their Dubai Medical for Visa approved.

Step 3: Await your results.

Normally, your Medical Certificate for Visa will not take more than a few days to a week. Your results can either be picked up from the center, or it can be delivered to your home, as per your preference by the Dubai Health Authority. Once your tests match the approval rules of the Dubai Medical for Visa, you can submit these details to the visa processing center and begin your next step for the Dubai visa.

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