The Online Registration Process For The Ejari Services

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    Jun 10, 2014
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The Online Registration Process For The Ejari Services Photo by Arvind  Sharma

Ejari is an online registration system initiated by Real Estate Regulatory Agency that requires all Dubai rental or lease contracts to be recorded at the E-DNRD, an online portal.  It is mandatory for landlords to enter the basic details like terms of tenancy agreement and property details, on the E-DNRD portal, as part of the Ejari services. This is obligatory for renting any property in Dubai. Each entry will be assigned a unique bar code by the system for future reference. The Ejari service was created to put an end to malpractices in by making the whole procedure transparent.

Steps to use the Ejari services

After you have leased your property or paid rent for the property, you need to download standard forms and enter the all essential details such as:

• Documents including passport ID and visa number of the tenant and sponsor
• Recent photograph of the applicant
• DEWA consumer number
• Plot and community address

Submit the filled form and the necessary documents at the office of the Ejari services. You can locate their office is on the ground floor of Dubai Land Department’s office. If the Ejari online registration is complete, you can avail this service if any event of any dispute between the tenant and landlord arises.

Failure to register the rental contact would lead to penalty to the tenant. To register the rental contracts with the Ejari you will need

You would need to register the rental contact as failure to do so could lead to penalty to the tenant. You would need to register the documents of the initial or  newly renewed lease contracts, cancellations, terminations or transfer contracts with the Ejari. This service is available only in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah with the least municipal fee of 300 Dirham. Although, you might be asked to pay 2% of total value of the contact, if it is higher than 300 Dirham.

Through the founding of third party systems that maintains the data of the contract between the landlord and tenants, it provides a transparent relationship between the both of them and offers a complete evaluation to protect both parties. If in the event of any dispute that arises, an easy access to the contract papers that have been retained through the system would solve the problem, reducing future disputes. It is very effective to identifying the answerable member. However, in order to maintain a smooth landlord – tenant system, you must be conscious and comprehend the Ejari service payments as there is no fixed value in Dubai rent market about the right party to pay for these services.

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