FAQs about the EIDA Registration

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    Jul 14, 2014
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FAQs about the EIDA Registration Photo by Arvind  Sharma

The emirates ID is an official electronic ID that is mandatory for all the citizens and expats of UAE. This Emirates identity authority i.e. EIDA registration is necessary to communicate and connect with the government bodies and private organizations for any work or projects. You need not carry other cards like the labour permit, health card, driving license etc if you have this Dubai national ID.

Below are a few details of the EIDA registration:

What is the importance of the Emirates ID card?

As it is a valid identification document, you can conduct official transactions with the government, semi government and private sector organizations. It can be used as a multipurpose card as a driver’s license, labour card, residency permit, health and health insurance card. With a Dubai national ID, you can provide E- signatures services for any official documents, E-payment for any service and also serve as an e-passport for citizens travelling to GCC countries.

What all transactions can the Emirates ID card be used for?

With the EIDA registration you can use the card as  a driver’s license, to access and store data for  health records and health insurance, you can use it as a labour card and as well as an investors card. It can be used as an E-Dihram, a type of electronic payment system for any payments needed. It can also be used as an E-Gate, a type of electronic passport that can be used only within the country, and by the citizen of the country. This helps in avoiding the long immigration process and lines.

Who all need to register for the Dubai National ID?

All the residents and expats of the country will need to apply for this ID. The Emirates Id card is mandatory for persons 15 years and above, however, the EIDA registrations recommends issuing an ID card for the children for safety and the census sake.

What is the fee for Issuing the Emirates ID?

The fee is 100 DH for residents over 15 years of age and for a period of 5 years. It is free of charge for residents who are receiving welfare. For children under 15 years, the fee is 50DH and must be replaces either every 5 years, or when they reach the age of 15. The fee for expats is 100 DH for every active year in residency permit. For those who have a residency visa that is valid for 3 years, 300 DH is the fee for the whole.

Where can you register for the EIDA registrations?

You can register from any of the EIDA centers across the UAE, which is open at certain times during the days and on weekends. You can either apply online or apply in person. The new mobile application allows you to apply and renew your dubai national ID card when needed.

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