The Visa Application and Processing System for Thailand

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    Jun 10, 2014
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The Visa Application and Processing System for Thailand Photo by Yogesh Verma

When you are travelling to Thailand, you need to need to apply for a Thailand visa application. In this article we tell you the simple steps on how to apply for a Thailand Visa. You must understand that the government of Thailand has agreements with many different countries on the exemption of visa requirements allowing nationals of certain countries a period of stay that does not exceed 30 days. Other countries or territories are granted with at most 15 days period of stay through issuance of visa on arrival.

Types of Thailand Visa

Visa application Thailand depends on the type of visit you would like to take. There are different types of Thailand visa:

• Tourist Visa or 90-Day Non-Immigrant Visa

There are foreign nationals who intend to have more than just the usual travel in Thailand and aim to further explore the country. The Tourist Visa can give just the right amount of time as it grants the holder up to 90 days stay.

• 1-Year Non-Immigrant Visa

The issuance of the 1-Year visa depends primarily on the purpose of the application. However, this type of visa requires the holder to do an exit and reentry to Thailand every 90 days.

• Business Visa

Under the Thai law, any foreigner who wishes to conduct a business or any kind of activity that generates an income requires an appropriate visa and a valid work permit.

• Marriage Visa

Thailand is definitely a melting pot when it comes to the diversity of people living in a country and many of the foreigners who are settled here are married to Thais. The Marriage visa allows the foreign spouse of a Thai citizen to stay in Thailand for 1 year

• Retirement Visa

Many foreigners view Thailand as a gateway for great retirement opportunities and for a number of different reasons.

Process for the Visa Application Thailand

To apply online, all you need to do is go to the Thailand visa application centre website and download the visa application form. Keep all the necessary documents ready depending on your purpose of the trip, for the visa application Thailand. Submit the form with the documents and passport and track your visa application online while it gets processed. It does not take more than two or three days to receive the visa if you submit the documents. The procedures vary slightly from one applicant to another, based on the nationality. The required papers must be sent to the Consulate, and every type of visa comes with a fee. Track your visa online and ensure that you stay up to date with the progress. Once your visa is approved you can now begin your journey to the land of Smiles

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