How to Get the Medical Certificate For The Dubai Visa?

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    Jun 10, 2014
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How to Get the Medical Certificate For The Dubai Visa? Photo by Arvind  Sharma

When planning to enter Dubai you will need a Dubai visa. This entry is highly guarded and stringently monitored to eliminate the unwanted elements like sexually transmitted diseases, which may affect or cause permanent repercussions to other citizens.. As a requirement of this screening process, you need to obtain an attested medical certificate. These tests are required for people who will be travelling to Dubai for employment purpose, temporary or permanent residence or purpose of education

Certain groups get tested for definite diseases, based on the purpose of travel. To get a Medical certificate for visa, you will be tested for diseases based on the type of visa you applied for. Following are the list of diseases that most citizens will likely be tested for:

• Hepatitis B and C
• All types of Tuberculosis
• Leprosy
• Syphilis

If any individual has been tested positive for any of the above mentioned ailments, in most cases, they will be immediately deported. Certain cases, will have small treatments before proceeding further. The Dubai health authority is very strict when it comes to the medical certificates for the visa. A run through on the latest rules and regulations on this topic is vital for you before you go ahead with your journey.

A Dubai medical for visa will cost you some amount of money. This medical, though, is not applicable to everyone coming to Dubai and exceptions are made of Non-UAE Family members of UAE nationals.

Following members are tested:

• New employees applying for a new visa or when they apply for visa renewals

• Women who are possibly pregnant where if women are found pregnant, the approval of their visa depends upon their sponsor, who is their employer, in most cases.

What is the process of the medical tests?

To get a Dubai Medical for Visa, you must schedule an appointment at a local clinic permitted by Dubai Health Authority (DHA). You can schedule this appointment and making the online payment. Carry along with you certain documents such as your passport that is valid, recent  photographs, Government issued health card  which is optional, and offer letter Though, you can book the appointment online, you need to show up personally at the clinic for those medical tests. After you get the Medical Certificate for Visa, you must attest these results of the medical tests from the centre itself. Nowadays, attestation service will cost you additional expenses over the medical testing charges. But, it is essential that you make the copy as your employer is likely to retain the originals for his reference.

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Arvind Sharma is an employee of Cox and Kings Global Services. Along with wanting to ensure that travellers have extensive information on how to get a medical certificate for Visa from the Dubai Health Authority, he also researches on the different stages that go into getting a Dubai Medical for Visa.

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