Ways to Maintain Healthy Testosterone Levels

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    Feb 20, 2013
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Ways to Maintain Healthy Testosterone Levels Photo by John Andrews

Testosterone is the principal male sex hormone most commonly associated with vigor and vitality. But advancing age and lifestyle choices can upset this delicate hormonal balance. Typically, as men cross over into their thirties, the level of testosterone in the bloodstream begins a slow decline, usually by 1% every year. Here are some methods you can follow to increase testosterone levels and keep them in the ideal range.

Ways to Maintain Healthy Testosterone Levels
• Tough exercises are the best way to beef up your testosterone levels. Compound exercises which include bench presses, squats, and back rows will naturally increase testosterone in your body. For best results, experts recommend doing five repetitions per set, and three sets of each weightlifting exercise. And even more important – take a minute’s break before you begin the next set. It helps your body recover enough strength.
• Your body needs fat to produce testosterone. Include lean cuts of beef, chicken and turkey breast, eggs, in your diet. Healthy fats such as those in fatty fish (salmon and tuna), olive oil, avocados, walnuts, and pecans are suitable for heart health as well as raising testosterone.
• De-stress. Stress can cause testosterone levels to plummet and make life hell for those already reeling under testosterone deficiency. Relaxation techniques such as soothing music, massage, yoga, and meditation are powerful stress busters which will boost testosterone levels safely and naturally.
• Reduce alcohol consumption. Too much alcohol in the system can disrupt normal functioning of the testes and hamper testosterone production.
• Never skip meals. Long stretch of hours without food will sink your T levels.
• Lose weight. Excess fat increases estrogen and decreases testosterone levels. But here’s the catch. Drastically reducing weight doesn’t increase testosterone production. Don’t starve yourself. Lose a pound a week and don’t follow any crash diets.
• Ageless Male is a dietary supplement specially formulated to increase testosterone. It’s composed of standardized fenugreek seed extract that reactivates the body’s dying hormonal production. It also contains zinc, a trace mineral lacking in everyday diet but essential for male sexual health. Ageless Male reviews are ample proof that this product has helped thousands of men overcome testosterone deficiency.
• And now, here’s the best of the lot! Regular intercourse is said to boost the levels of free testosterone circulating in the bloodstream.

For most healthy men, testosterone decline doesn’t make much of a difference. But for some, it can cause unwanted changes such as a decrease in sex drive, shrinking muscles, and poor energy. It’s a lot safer to raise testosterone naturally through simple and natural lifestyle changes, before resorting to injections and gels which can replenish testosterone levels, but not without side effects.If you believe your levels are low, visit a doctor for suitable advice. The body requires a healthy level of testosterone for overall wellbeing and to function optimally. Don’t put up with low levels when you can make smart choices and alter your lifestyle and remain fit and happy for life!

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