Steroids and Penis Sensitivity: An Unhappy Combination

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    Jun 26, 2013
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Remember, don
Remember, don't do steroids
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While men might choose to pump iron and get buff for all sorts of reasons, many people do so because they'd like to attract a mate. Rippling muscles are generally considered attractive, so it's reasonable to expect that an exercise routine could have a positive impact on a man's sex life. If that man enhances his weight workouts with steroids, however, he might experience some nasty side effects that impact his sexual performance. In fact, he might find that his penis is less sensitive than it's been in the past. Recovering might mean putting down the 'roids and attending to good penis care moving forward.

Steroid Basics

The steroids that weightlifters use to enhance their muscles are typically made with synthetic forms of male hormones. Pumping the body full of these chemicals can cause the muscles to swell and a feeling of power to increase, but the body might interpret all of these signals with alarm and it might begin to work hard to correct what it sees as an imbalance.

For some men, this might mean that

  1. the body begins to produce low levels of male hormones;
  2. hormone receptors that are involved in regulating male function are turned off;
  3. The cells might also release compensatory chemicals, including chemicals associated with feminine characteristics, as it attempts to re-regulate the body's systems.

These additions and modulations can wreak havoc on a man's sex drive, and it's not uncommon for men who are abusing steroids to experience periods in which they have no interest in sex or who cannot achieve a climax when they do have sex. Some men even experience reduced sensitivity while they're taking high levels of specific steroid medications. The additional hormones and the body's corrective cycles are to blame, but it can be disaster for a man.

Bad Choices

Some men who have steroid sensitivity problems react by engaging in extremely long sexual episodes that might seem fun but that can leave penile tissue:

  • Red
  • Raw
  • Chafed
  • Blistered

The recipient of these marathon sessions of attention might be similarly injured and uninterested in a repeat performance.

Some men who have reduced sensitivity respond by taking yet higher doses of their drugs or looking for new combinations of drugs that could restore their health and vigor. While this might be helpful in the short term, again, the body tends to adjust when presented with this kind of chemical stimulus. DIY solutions aren't helpful as a result, as the body will always look for ways to create equilibrium.

Good Options

Since steroids can and do cause such nasty side effects, men who use these drugs might need to work with experts in order to conquer their dependence and move forward with life in a more healthful manner. For some, this might mean tapering off to smaller doses until they're taking none at all. For others, this might mean a cold-turkey approach followed by talk therapy. For yet others, working with a community of former addicts might be key to stopping the steroid cycle. No matter the path the man takes, however, he might need to do a little work in order to get penis sensitivity rates back to normal.

Focusing on sensational mapping can be very helpful for men with low sensitivity rates. Men can ask their partners to assist, and in each session, the man can try to map where a partner's touch lands on the penis. Each touch and each thought reminds the brain to map the penis and stay attuned to its signals. In time, a man might have all the feelings back he thought he'd lost, as long as the steroids are gone.

A penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) may also be helpful. These products can soothe the damage caused by long sex sessions, and the emollients and vitamins can help to nourish the skin and ensure that touch and pressure receptors are working as they should. When the man is ready for sex once more, his equipment will also be up to the task.

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