Spousal Sex-capades to Renew the Spark Yes, There Is Sex after Kids

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    Dec 16, 2013
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Spousal Sex-capades to Renew the Spark Yes, There Is Sex after Kids Photo by John Dugan

When a couple is young, in love - and most of all - child free, the entire house becomes a sexual playground where intimacy can take place virtually anytime and anywhere. Once children enter the picture, however, finding time for a sexy tryst can be a little tricky. For one thing, parents of infants and toddlers tend to be exhausted. For another, many parents have trouble letting go of their inhibitions out of fear of getting caught in the act by an inquisitive pair of eyes.

These factors can put some serious time restraints on hours of the day available for nookie, not to mention where the festivities can take place. Even so, a relationship with children does not have to be a sexless desert; with a little planning and a few tricks, sex can still happen, and it can still be fun. For men, this means paying attention to penis health, making sure that the soldier is ready to stand to attention whenever the time is right.

Plan ahead

Even though a child’s schedule may vary slightly from night to night, eventually the little one is bound to crash - after asking for one more glass of water, one more extra story, one more hug, and so on. Knowing that a kiddo generally goes to sleep at 8 PM can allow both parents to be ready for action by - oh, say 8:15. Being ready to go when the last child is tucked in should assure a little uninterrupted playtime for the adults. Parents who are still in that newborn or toddler stage might prefer to trade sex for sleep, but to ensure that their sex life doesn’t go completely by the wayside, a well-timed nap can recharge a tired couple for some nighttime activities that don’t involve Junior.

Get a room

Sure, it may feel a little sordid, but there are plenty of couples with kids who check into a hotel room in order to enjoy a night - or even just a few hours - away from their kids. Not having to worry about waking the kids can lead to the uninhibited and creative sex a couple remembers from the early days of their relationship.

Not the hotel type? Ship the kids out to sleepovers with their friend’s or arrange for them to spend the night with grandma. There is nothing quite like an empty house to open up the possibilities for some grown-up entertainment!

Get creative

Older kids may be less likely to wander in on the action if they are cleverly distracted. Allow them to watch a movie while the adults clean the bathroom; nothing will keep a child away like the threat of housework. Bribery is also a good way to keep the kids at bay. Clever parents might explain to the kids that they are wrapping Christmas or birthday presents behind closed doors, and they must not be interrupted or the child will not get the presents. Just be sure to bring some presents out afterward, or the jig will be up! If all else fails, hop in the shower in the wee morning hours, before the cartoons start rolling. Sleepy kids will be less likely to interrupt shower sex, but locking the door is still a good idea.

Stay Healthy

Even the most meticulous plans for a romantic evening can fall apart in an instant when kids are involved. A romantic dinner and getaway evening goes out the window when the baby gets sick or the unruly teenager skips curfew. Thus, sometimes spontaneity is key. Parents who find themselves with three sleeping kids at 7 PM may be beside themselves at the prospect of squeezing in a sex-capade and still getting to bed at a reasonable hour for their 5 AM wakeup the next morning. When the sexual stars align, a couple needs to be ready to get down to business quickly -- before the tides change and the moment is gone. Maintaining excellent penis health can ensure a man is ready to go at a moment’s notice. Daily use of a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) will keep the penis healthy and full of spunk by improving circulation, enhancing penile sensitivity, and rejuvenating the skin of the penis. Simply apply daily and be ready for whatever - whenever!

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