Surprising Penis Stimulation Tricks - the Role of the Brain in Sensual Pleasure

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    Oct 08, 2013
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Surprising Penis Stimulation Tricks - the Role of the Brain in Sensual Pleasure Photo by John Dugan

Mention penis stimulation to most guys, and their mind usually runs to images of their member enveloped by a beautiful babe's nether regions or a pair of red lips lovingly exploring the underside of their shafts. Yes, it's a physical sensation that guys will focus on, but it's being created inside their heads; the fact is that men engage in more penis-centered mind games over the course of a day than in actual physical sexual activity. Although not out of choice; if a man could spend the entire day having his member pleased, he would. Good penis health is not just about the way in which the physical world acts upon a guy's rod; it's also about the role the mind plays in penile activities.

Which is bigger?

Although men are constantly focused on the size of their penises, it's generally agreed that the biggest sex organ in the body is actually the brain. It's the brain, not the junk that sends out the signals that control blood flow and get an erection going.

Also, it's the brain that creates sexual mental scenarios. When a guy is masturbating and creates that situation involving himself, a waitress with a large can of whipped cream, and a trampoline, it's of course his brain that's behind it all. But it's also his brain that trips him up with those unwanted erection-causing fantasies that come when he is in a meeting and suddenly fixates on what his boss would look like naked save for a leather halter.

Mental penis stimulation is fun.

While all males have gone through an inconvenient bulging-crotch-in-public experience, the fact is that mental masturbation is actually a lot of fun. Sure, it's even more fun when a guy can follow it up by whipping his tool out and bringing himself complete pleasure; but there's a lot to be said for using one's brain to simply get one's crotch all stirred up. The danger, of course, is that a guy can go too far in this case and end up with ejaculate-filled briefs - but it's usually worth it.

It's good practice.

Using mental images to create an erection and to provide hands-off penile stimulation is also a good way to keep the penis in shape and to work on "lasting longer." Many men are able to come close to losing a load through their fantasies, but stop in time; this experience may come in handy when they're in bed with a particularly exciting partner and want to make sure they don't explode with pleasure before the appropriate time.

Make it a game.

No one can read a person's mind, so indulging in mental masturbation can be a harmless way to keep the old penis exercised. Here are a few fun games a guy can explore:

1. Mind alone. A guy uses only his mind to achieve an erection and then keep it for as long as possible. There's no touching allowed, and that includes shifting the crotch or legs so that the erect member rubs against underwear or trousers.

2. Kegel it. Still no touching of body shifting allowed, but a guy is permitted to flex his kegel muscles to move his penis back and forth against his crotch fabric.

3. Walk it off. This game is to be played "commando" - without benefit of underwear. After mentally stimulating his penis to a full erection, a guy goes for a long walk. The challenge is to keep from ejaculating, which without the shield of underwear could be a bit embarrassing.

Some of these penis stimulation mind games, such as "walk it off," might result in a sore member. This can be corrected through the use of a top drawer penis nutrient cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). Soreness will soon disappear with the warm application of a cream with vitamin E and/or shea butter, which are excellent for their moisturizing properties. The cream should also include ingredients to address other common penile health issues, such as alpha lipoic acid (to help prevent penis wrinkling) and vitamin D (to enable cell functionality).

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