Solving Penis Problems - Vital Members of a Penis Healthcare Team

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    May 26, 2013
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Solving Penis Problems - Vital Members of a Penis Healthcare Team Photo by John Dugan

At one time or another, almost every man on the planet will need the help of a doctor for a penis problem. A man's equipment is delicate, and it's often exposed to a significant amount of use and abuse; as a result, all sorts of things can go wrong in all sorts of ways. Men who need help may be stymied by the sheer number of people who are ready and willing to help them with their penis health problems, and they may have no idea who to call first. The following paragraphs outline the vital players on a man's intimate healthcare team.

Physicians: The First Stop

A general physician is an excellent ally for a man with any health-related problem, including those issues that strike intimate tissue. These medical professionals are trained to look over a person's health from a holistic perspective, and during a visit, a doctor like this might take all sorts of measurements, including assessments of:

  • Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Temperature
  • White blood cell count
  • Blood sugar levels

Any of these factors could play a role in penis health, and a quick screening could help a guy get back to business in no time at all. Some doctors are even comfortable with diagnosing and treating minor skin ailments that can strike in sensitive areas. It might be unusual to think of visiting the same person for a penis problem that a man might see for strep throat, but a general practitioner really could provide one-stop shopping for problems downstairs. If the issue is just a little more complicated and a little more involved, a general physician might provide a man with a referral to a specialist that can help.

Urologists: For Interior Problems

Below-the-belt problems that involve deep tissues are the specialty of urologists. These medical professionals know all about how the reproductive system works, and they also have in-depth knowledge of the systems the body uses in order to remove waste. Men who have questions involving function rather than issues of appearance might get the help they need from a visit to the urologist.

Urology appointments usually begin with a thorough exam, and the doctor might also look over the records the general practitioner took during that appointment. In some cases, a urologist can provide a quick solution with salves, medications or exercises. Sometimes, however, urologists need to do more intensive testing before they can come to a definitive diagnosis.

Dermatologists: For Exterior Issues

Some manhood woes involve the wrapper of skin around the penis. Welts, lumps, bumps and itching can all have their roots in skin tissues, and finding the answer to these problems can be a little difficult, as the problems can have so many causes. Sometimes, multiple factors are at play. Dermatologists are comfortable with the detective role, and they can perform a variety of tests to determine what might be invading the skin and what might best be done about it. Creams and lotions often play a prominent role, but oral medications aren't unheard of.

The Self: Prevention Starts Here

While medical professionals are ready and willing to help men with penis woes, men who take proper care of their tools may not have a need for multiple visits. These men might take care to wash without harsh detergents and they may have a deep commitment to using gentle sex techniques that don't tend to result in damage. Men like this may also use a penis health creme (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) on a daily basis, ensuring that their delicate tissues have the nutrition and moisture they need to fend off damage.

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