Sexually too Tired The Importance of Getting Enough Rest

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    Dec 09, 2013
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Sexually too Tired The Importance of Getting Enough Rest Photo by John Dugan

Your mother was right when she told you that getting enough sleep was important: a proper penis health regimen includes making sure that the body is well rested. A sleepy penis is a penis that feels sluggish; that has a "maybe I will, maybe I won’t" attitude toward erections; and that is less likely to provide the kind of powerful, record-setting ejaculations that men strive for.

Lazy libido

There’s a reason that the word "drive" is in the phrase "sex drive." The libido needs to be alert and active, ready to respond to stimuli at a moment’s notice and to get a guy’s gears in action so that when an opportunity arises, his equipment will also rise.

Although the libido is more of a concept than a physical attribute like a muscle, it still needs the same things a muscle needs: exercise and rest. If a man neglects the rest, the exercise is going to be harder.

It’s science

This is borne out by the work done by numerous sleep researchers. In case after case, a man who chronically did not get a proper amount of sleep had a lower sex drive than a man who did. One reason why this may be is that when the body is tired, all of its processes are affected. This includes hypothalamus (a part of the brain) and the pituitary glands, which are in charge of making sure enough testosterone is produced. When these two body parts don’t get enough rest to function properly, less testosterone is created.

Stressing out

Getting too little sleep also tends to make a man feel edgy. Stress levels rise, which is bad for the heart and which long term is bad for the penis; after all, the heart pumps the blood that causes the penis to swell into an active state.

Of a more direct concern is the role that stress plays in penile health. Many men who feel over-stressed report problems with erections. Sexual excitement is good; sexual stress and anxiety is not.

Plan Your Sleep

For some men, getting more rest is simply a matter of putting down that TV remote (or logging off of that porno website) earlier in the night and getting into bed. Other men, however, may have more difficulty in getting the sleep they need. In serious cases, a trip to a sleep specialist may be needed; for less severe cases, here are a few trips to try:

1. Set a schedule. A person can get to sleep more easily and enjoy a more restful sleep if he sets a routine. Try to go to bed at the same time every night and to wake up at the same time every morning. Sure, there will be nights when some variation is needed; but generally keeping the same schedule is a good idea.

2. Nap wisely. Napping can be good or bad. If a person gets several hours less sleep than intended, it’s better to go ahead and get up at the regular time and take a nap during the bad; however, napping for more than a half hour or so can make it difficult to get to sleep the next night. Nap judiciously.

3. Make the bedroom restful. Obviously, not when you have a playful partner - but when alone, keep the bedroom for sleeping. Read, watch TV, play video games, etc. in another room. When a man comes into the bedroom to sleep, he should be READY to sleep.

4. Maintain a good diet and exercise routine. Regular exercise helps the body sleep better at night. A healthy diet, and one that does NOT include snacks near bedtime, is recommended. Avoid caffeine; also, an alcoholic nightcap often keeps a person awake, so cut that out as well.

Sleep is a key ingredient in good penis health, but so is proper hygiene and the use of a quality penis nutrient formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). A formula with L-arginine is especially recommended, as this enzyme helps to boost the body’s nitrous oxide production, which translates into a more effective blood circulation system. To make your partner even happier, look for a formula with vitamin A, which can help with the penis odor problems that are common for many men.

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