Sexuality Statistics How do Women Measure Up to Men?

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    Jun 06, 2014
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Sexuality Statistics How do Women Measure Up to Men? Photo by John Dugan

Admit it; when it comes to getting down and dirty, everyone’s curious about how they measure up, either to their peers’ or to their partners’ sexuality. Total number of partners, age that virginity was lost and many more questions such as these are often brought up in adult party games, which can make for a fun (or embarrassing) evening for all involved! Men seem to be especially interested in the sexual stats of their current partner, and - most of all - they wonder if she is telling the truth about her history or not. While nothing short of a lie detector can determine with 100% accuracy who’s telling the truth and who is fudging the numbers, here are some fun stats showing the average numbers of women in the U.S. Yes - scientists actually get paid to conduct polls about getting frisky. Check it out to see how she stacks up, as well as tips to protect a guy’s sexual health -- just in case she isn’t sharing all of her dirty little secrets.

When she surrendered her V-card…

The Kinsey Institute got the following dirt on the first time she had sex. Looks like high school girls are having plenty of fun, with 70% of girls having sex for the first time by age 18.

26% by age 15

40% by age 16

49% by age 17

70% by age 18

77% by age 19

81% by age 21

92% by age 24

How many men has she been with?

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, men report a higher number of lifetime partners than females - which is surprising to no one! Females aged 25 - 44 years have had about four partners compared to men in the same range, who average about 6. She may just be a wild child though, about 9% of women report having sex with 15 or more men, though that is only about half the percentage of men boasting that same stat, as 22% of guys fess up to 15 or more ladies.

How many sexy thoughts is she having per day?

While men may have sex on the brain 24/7, women aren’t the prudes they are made out to be. The Journal of Sex Research found that women think about sex 10 or more times per day - not too shabby.

How often does she act on those thoughts?

The national average for Americans having sex is 151 times a year - or 2-3 times per week, but that number naturally fluctuates with younger generations knocking boots more often, and older adults less often.

Does she get busy when her partner’s away?

Many women seem embarrassed by the question about whether they masturbate; whereas, men may wear their number on their sleeve like a badge of honor. Still, a lady has needs, and a fair number of them act on them. Here’s a breakdown of the percentage of women who are getting it done without a man.

26% of 18 -19-year-olds

44% of 20 - 24-year-olds

51% of 25 - 29-year-olds

39% of 30 - 49-year-olds

His and her favorite positions

Sometimes less really is more; 45% of women prefer missionary position best (compared to 27% of men), and 13% want reverse missionary above all else. Looks like she doesn’t need to be flipped and flopped all over -- Kama Sutra style.

Does she like good vibrations?

Yup! 72% of women (and men) use or are interested in bringing some sort of toy into the bedroom. Don’t feel rejected, guys - think of it as another tool for the toolbox.

Does she use condoms?

Scarily, the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior found that condom use is not as high as it should be. Women aged 18 - 24 are only use rubbers about 39% of the time - yikes! And only 24% of women aged 25 - 34 have their guy wear a hat. While some of this is likely attributed to women wanting to have children or being in monogamous relationships, men need to be equally responsible for their own sexual health.

Caring for the penis

While some women may abide by the old saying no glove, no love, these statistics prove that plenty of unprotected sex is occurring out there, leaving a guy open to contracting a sexual infection from his partner. In order to prevent this from occurring, guys need to talk to their partners about protection, bring (and more importantly use) their own condoms, and get tested frequently by their doctors. This goes double for men who are not in monogamous relationships. Additionally, using a penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing vitamin A and other nutrients can help increase the ability to fight off minor infections, at the same time leaving the penile skin smooth, silky and ready to go whenever she is.

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