Sex Rumors Debunked - 5 Myths That Everyone Should Know

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    Jun 14, 2014
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Sex Rumors Debunked - 5 Myths That Everyone Should Know Photo by John Dugan

There are countless sex rumors and myths about sex floating around out there; while many of these are harmless, and some are down right funny, a handful of them are patently false and could cause health repercussions for those involved. Here are 5 rumors set straight, as well as some straight facts on maintaining penis health the easy way - no fooling.

1) Two condoms are better than one

Hopefully, most sexually active adults are aware that this is completely, 100% false. Using two condoms does nothing but increase the risk for tearing, slipping, and ripping, all of which up the chances of an unwanted pregnancy or transmission of a sexual infection. For the record, the no double condom rule holds true for any combination of condoms: two male condoms, a male and a female condom, or two female condoms are all no-no’s. So use only one condom at a time - sometimes, less really is more.

2) It’s impossible to get pregnant during a woman’s period

Wrong! There is absolutely, positively no single time of the month that is 100% foolproof in terms of not getting pregnant. There are times when a resulting pregnancy is statistically much, much lower, and obviously times when it is much greater, but there is no such thing as a pregnancy-free zone. This is because a female’s cycle can be unpredictable. Even the most scheduled woman may occasionally have a short cycle or unexpectedly ovulate twice in one cycle. Plus, hearty sperm can survive inside the woman for up to a week after ejaculation, so sex on a "safer" day of the month may actually end up being the perfect time for conception if those little guys hang around waiting for the egg to be released. Bottom line, if pregnancy doesn’t fit into the plan, contraception had better be part of the plan.

3) Oysters boost sexual desire

There are lots of foods rumored to be aphrodisiacs, especially oysters, dark chocolate, avocados and red wine. Sadly, however, there is no scientific evidence that shows that eating those foods magically gets a couple aroused. However, if the act of feeding each other chocolate or oysters feels sexy to the couple, they may get a charge out of it. But most likely, it is the romantic environment that has been set, more than the food itself, that is causing the boost in desire.

4) Alcohol makes sex better

No; in fact, the opposite is usually true. While a small glass of wine may reduce inhibitions and, again, may make a couple feel sexy, alcohol itself is a sexual-functioning killer. Too much booze with dinner, and nobody is going to be getting any that night. Alcohol is more likely to cause the individuals to fall asleep than sleep together. What’s worse, alcohol has been proven to increase risky sexual behavior, meaning that a person may be more likely to sleep with someone he or she wouldn’t have if sober. There are many, many people harboring regrets for acts done while drinking, and people in general are less likely to use proper protection. So stick to a single drink if sex is on the agenda.

5) There is no G Spot

Thankfully, for women, this is a rumor gone wrong - possibly made up by men who have been unsuccessful at finding it! The fact of the matter is, a small bundle of nerves located on the front wall of the vagina does exist, and when properly stimulated, it can make her see fireworks. So men should make it a point to find it - even if it does take a little exploration to pinpoint.

Keeping the penis healthy the natural way

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