Sex and Relationships - When One Is Good and the Other Is Not

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    Apr 05, 2014
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Sex and Relationships - When One Is Good and the Other Is Not Photo by John Dugan

Most people are looking for the entire relationship package - the kind that is portrayed on movies and TV shows every day. Men and women alike are looking for a person they can laugh with, have fun with, talk easily with, and - oh yeah - have wicked hot sex with. But what happens when the relationship is rocking and the sex is…not? Or vice versa; when the sex is off the charts, but there is nothing to do or talk about outside the bedroom? Can a couple’s relationship last when it’s only good half of the time? Take a look at some handy advice for sex and relationships, as well as some useful penis health tips that can keep a man’s tool ready for action whenever opportunity comes knocking.

Can a relationship last when the sexual chemistry is not immediate?

Sure, the magic of movies has convinced most people that they should passionately fall in love with their soul mate within the first 30 seconds of meeting them, and that romantic couples shouldn’t settle for anything less. In real life, though, it is okay for the sexual chemistry to come later. Couples who begin with a strong friendship, who have a lot in common, and who enjoy spending time with one another typically fare much better in the long run compared to those who having nothing in common when they are not getting it on.

Sometimes, the most fulfilling, intimate sexual relationships blossom slowly from a deep friendship and mutual respect. Of course, not every two people are going to click in the bedroom; so in instances where neither person is sexually attracted to the other, and no sparks are flying, the relationship may be better suited to the close friendship zone.

What about relationships that are hot and heavy and nothing else?

Of course, having a strong sexual attraction is desirable and makes any relationship that much more enjoyable, but what happens when that is the only good part of the relationship? Sadly, the sex-only relationship tends not to have much long-term potential, because when the sex finally fizzles, there will be nothing left for the couple to enjoy. It is a simple matter of chemistry and familiarity; eventually, all sexual relationships change and become less exciting than they were in the beginning. So if there is nothing there after the passion fails, the relationship, too, may fail. Sometimes, if both individuals are aware that the relationship is purely physical - and neither is getting attached to the other and hoping for a future together - a couple can have some fun for a while. However, if a man or woman is allowing a sexual relationship to continue when their partner has feelings for them that they do not reciprocate, it is only fair to end it before they hurt that person.

How to keep the penis ready for action

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