Preventing Penis Rash From Manscaping Best Male Grooming Techniques

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    May 31, 2013
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Preventing Penis Rash From Manscaping Best Male Grooming Techniques Photo by John Dugan

Male hair removal, colloquially known as manscaping, is a growing trend among men these days. No longer a concern just for the ladies, men are faced with the very personal decision to remain au natural, go completely bare, or land somewhere safely in the middle of the continuum. There are many different things for a man to consider when electing to manscape including: aesthetics, upkeep and even hygiene. While some men do not give manscaping a second thought, others meticulously groom themselves as part of a daily penis care routine. Men who are on the fence about this hot trend should read on for the inside info on manscaping, as well as preventing penis rash from shaving.

The different degrees of manscaping

When it comes to the virtual hair canvas that most men are, the grooming possibilities are almost endless. While some men may elect to get quite creative with their body hair, the most typical styles are listed below.

Wild and unruly: Some men - and women - feel that men are men are men and their body hair should be manly. Men who go the untamed route, don’t care if they have a thicket of body hair pushing its way out the top of the shirt collar, or a reverse treasure trail down their back. That’s all well and good - but best to remain civilized and keep the nose and ear hair to a bare minimum.

Trimming the hedges: Men who prefer a trimmed look may just take the old scissors round the bushes once in a while to keep things under control. These men appreciate the rugged look, but don’t want to look like a close relative of a cave man either. A quick buzz with an electric trimmer can also take down coarse body hair in a jiff, making it an easy manscaping option.

Up close and personal: Men seeking a smoother look may prefer to shave their body hair. Common areas include the chest, back, and neck, in addition to the below the belt region. Careful wielding of the razor is necessary; however, nobody wants to nick their nether regions during this process.

The full Monty: Men looking for the smoothest skin possible may elect to go the full Monty - in other words, no genital hair whatsoever. Women have come to know this process as "the Brazilian" and for most effective results, waxing is often the best method. Some men also choose to wax their chest, eyebrows, face, arms, legs and - believe it or not - their butt. Though a painful process, waxing can keep the hair at bay for 4 weeks or more, depending on the coarseness of the hair. Though an at home kit may seem like a good idea, it’s not; body waxing of that area is best performed by a professional.

What are the benefits?

Some men simply prefer to be hair free, or at least have partners who prefer and enjoy that benefit. Other men tout the benefits of improved hygiene, as they feel the area may be easier to clean without the thicket of hair to deal with. They may be on to something, considering the fact that bacteria and yeast tend to thrive in warm, moist places. A decreased body odor may be another positive side effect to a shaved sac, given the fact that pubic hair can trap and hold the scent of sweat and urine in the area. Lastly, and probably the most popular reason for a little manscaping: the added inch. No, the length of one’s pubic hair is not inversely related to the size of one’s penis - if it were - every man would be waxing. However, cleaning up the area a bit does create the illusion of a longer Johnson. Without all that messy hair in the way, ones shaft - in all its glory - can be seen, which makes it appear longer than before.

Penis care and grooming

Whatever manscaping route a man chooses, he is at risk of getting the occasional penis rash from razor burn or ingrown hair. While perfectly harmless, these little beauties can be quite painful to get rid of. Using a shaving cream, shaving with the grain of the hair - not against - and using a penis vitamin cream can all help prevent painful penis bumps. A penis vitamin lotion - particularly one with bacteria fighting Vitamin A - (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can help eliminate bacteria in the genital area that contribute to redness, irritation, bumps and odor. A lotion which contains vitamin E and Shea butter will also keep a newly manscaped area smooth and supple, which is half the reason for shaving in the first place.

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