Penis Pain Countering the Effects of Rough Handling

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    Apr 26, 2013
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Penis Pain Countering the Effects of Rough Handling Photo by John Dugan

Whether in the throes of pleasure during a private moment, or in a heated encounter with a partner, men might not be aware of the damage they are inflicting on their penis. Rough treatment due to vigorous activity can actually jeopardize penis health if men do not take care to correct any resulting tissue damage or to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Some of the problems related to rough handling are outlined below, along with some suggestions for safer techniques and penis care.

Masturbation mistakes

Men often masturbate by encircling the penis with their thumb and fingers, grasping tightly as they move their hands in an up and down motion. This action places a great deal of pressure on the penis, compressing the erectile chambers as well as stressing the skin, circulatory and nerve tissue.

Men who use the technique known as jelqing, which enthusiasts claim adds length to the penis, use a similar motion; proponents of jelqing believe that forcing blood into the penis can make it bigger, allowing even more blood to enter the area and eventually lengthening the penis. In reality, these techniques can cause penis pain and lasting damage that could even make the penis just a little smaller.

In order to understand why, it is helpful to know a bit about the anatomy of the penis. This vital organ is lined with hollow channels that can fill with blood. When the channels are full and the tissue is engorged, the penis is firm, and it can rise away from the body. However, applying pressure and torque can cause tiny tears inside these channels. When the tears heal, the tissue can shrink and tighten, and that scarred tissue will have less flex when it comes to future erections. It's a bit like placing a piece of tape on the outside of a balloon. When that balloon fills with air, the area around the tape doesn't expand, and the balloon doesn't get quite as big. By damaging the penis, men could actually be see a decrease in overall size, as well as unnatural bending or curving that can cause difficulty engaging in intercourse.

Punishing Pain

The resulting tissue damage can also be intensely painful, and even when the main event is over, the pain can linger. In addition, broken blood vessels can lead to bruises, and dry hands applying pressure can cause chafing, irritation and roughened skin. In short, a session can leave a guy feeling more pain than he ever thought possible. Healing up means following basic TLC techniques, including:

  • Applying cool compresses to bruised tissue
  • Taking over-the-counter analgesics for pain
  • Resting the tissue
  • Seeing a doctor if the pain doesn't abate

Commonsense Alternatives

Contorting the penis with monumental jerking and tugging may feel good in the moment, but the results can be long-lasting. To prevent permanent injury, men can take try changing their technique, going for the sensual and erotic rather than the rough-and-tumble.

Furthermore, caring for the penis through proper nutrition and focus on hygiene can help ensure that the skin, nerve and circulatory tissue is healthy, supple and responsive to the touch. Paying attention to the health of the penis may also help to approve its appearance. After all, smooth, supple, healthy skin is attractive no matter where it's located, and this is the kind of tissue that people just love to touch. A penis vitamin creme (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) can give men this healthy glow through vitamins, minerals and emollients, and the application is a snap. A little daub of this liquid applied each day can infuse penis skin with health, making the organ both attractive and responsive, with no torture required.

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