Penis Facts that May Be Surprising What Every Guy Should Know

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    Feb 12, 2014
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Penis Facts that May Be Surprising What Every Guy Should Know Photo by John Dugan

Let's face it: most men consider themselves experts when it comes to the tool they carry around in their pants. After all, the average man will use his penis multiple times per day to urinate, and if they're lucky, that same fleshy tool can become a more pleasurable instrument in the bedroom. But even the most enlightened men might be surprised by some of the weird, wild and wonderful penis facts that make the male member so special, and so deserving of proper penis care!

1. About Half of a Man's Penis is Inside His Body.

Most guys really like to touch their junk, as if to reassure themselves that nature's most masculine tool is still down there, just waiting to be used. But in fact, the exposed penis only represents about half of the average male member. The rest is tucked up inside the body cavity. This design is partially responsible for a man's firm and unyielding erection during intimate moments. There's a ton of tissue holding that penis in place, ensuring that it doesn’t swing up, down or sideways when it’s time for some erotic action.

2. A Penis Can Break.

When an arousing encounter begins, the erectile chambers of the penis swell with blood. These chambers are surrounded by fibrous connective tissue that give them their shape. When a sudden movement in an unexpected direction subjects the taut penis tissue to extreme stress, this connective tissue can rupture. It's an audible and excruciating event that will almost certainly end with a trip to the hospital.

3. "Use It or Lose It" Applies to the Penis.

Having an erection can sometimes be inconvenient or even dangerous, but men who don't allow themselves to enjoy any moments of firmness may find that their shafts become smaller and smaller with each passing year. It’s absolutely vital to keep the penis tissue pliant and flexible through regular stretching and manual stimulation. Otherwise, the penis can lose considerable length and girth, as well as function.

4. Most Erections Happen During Sleep.

If preventing penile shrinkage is a top priority, then man’s best ally is slumber. At night, when the body is relaxed and the mind free to roam, the penis can perform its own strengthening exercises without causing any kind of public embarrassment. Sometimes the penis will become erect more than nine times during the night!

5. Whether a Shower or a Grower, Most Men Even Out.

Plenty of penises might appear small at a glance, but when aroused, they can harden and stretch to an impressive size. In contrast to these "growers," other men enjoy members that hang long and large while flaccid, growing minimally during erotic activity. This mysterious difference between showers and growers has confused countless men, but most scientific experts suggest that it doesn't matter much, as average erections tend to achieve the same size.

6. Penis Sensitivity Loss is not Inevitable.

By the time a man reaches age 60, his penis might be considerably less sensitive to tender, caressing touch. This can be an awkward subject for men to discuss openly. But the good news for older men is that penile damage is not strictly age-related. More often, it’s a result of the rough treatment that a penis can endure for 60+ years, including the following:

  • Unfortunate underwear choices
  • Rough sex
  • Frequent masturbation
  • Heavy blows to the crotch
  • Improper nutrition

Any man who protects his penis is more likely to preserve his ability to enjoy heightened, long-lasting sensitivity. A penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can be an essential part of this effort. These products contain the vitamins a man needs to preserve his penis nerves, and the soothing action of natural emollients such as Shea butter may help to replenish any skin cells damaged by excessive activity or poor lifestyle choices. With regular application, a penis health cream may be enough to make the average male member feel 20 years younger.

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