Unusual Penis Procedures Most Surprising Penile Art

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    Feb 15, 2014
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Unusual Penis Procedures Most Surprising Penile Art Photo by John Dugan

When it comes to a man’s penis, there typically aren’t too many surprises when it comes time for the big sexual reveal. Usually, the only alternation a penis has is absence of a foreskin, as circumcision is a very common practice performed on male infants by a physician. It seems that otherwise, most men leave well enough alone, due to the extreme sensitivity of the area, and prefer to leave body art to less-delicate body parts. Even still, there are some men who like to stand out in a crowd and maybe don’t mind a bit of extra pain. Read on to learn about some of the shocking things guys to do their junk and why some of these procedures can make penis care more difficult and important.

Penis Piercing: Men who enjoy a little jewelry may find themselves wanting a penis piercing….or two. A penis piercing can be done through the skin on the shaft of the penis, the scrotum, the head of the penis or even through the foreskin. Often, a bar or a ring style piercing is used for men who want a little bling on their business. It is important to know, however, that penis piercing are prone to infection, so they should always be done by a professional with sterile equipment. Additionally, because of the high amount of bacteria harbored down under, exceptional hygiene is required to avoid a painful, nasty infection.

Penis Tattoo: Just like the rest of the body, the penis makes a perfectly tattoo-able surface - though one can imagine the pain factor would be a bit more intense. As with all tattoos, the chance of infection is the most serious risk, so again, tattoos should be done by a professional, and only in the most sanitary of conditions. In rare cases, penile tattoos have caused permanent nerve damage to the area, so be sure to pick an artist with a steady hand!

Penis Pearling: Similar to penis piercing, penis pearling or beading is a kind of body modification that gives the penis a little extra intrigue; only instead of the body jewelry being on the outside, it is implanted under the skin of the penis. The main draw behind pearling is that it is meant to enhance sexual pleasure for both partners, as it creates a textured, slightly ribbed feeling to the penis. Pearls of different shapes and sizes can be implanted in the shaft, under the foreskin, or even in the scrotum. Infection and rejection of the pearls is the most common side effect, making hygiene during healing extremely important, as infected or rejected pearls have to be surgically removed!

Circumcision: Yup, some men who didn’t get the snip as a baby or child elect to have the procedure done as an adult. Circumcision is a removal of the foreskin, and a man may choose to do it for religious, social, cultural or medical reasons. Men who suffer from chronic infections under the foreskin or have a tight foreskin that is painful to retract may seek out the procedure.

Foreskin Restoration: Just as some men wish for no foreskin, there are men who choose to have a foreskin restoration to recreate the appearance of a foreskin. Skin is taken from the scrotum and attached to the shaft in a surgical restoration, or penile skin from the shaft is stretched over the head of the penis in a nonsurgical restoration.

Keeping the Penis Healthy

Anytime a surgery, procedure, or alteration is done to the penis, there is a risk of infection. The best way to prevent infection is to maintain excellent hygiene via thorough washing of the area with gentle soap and water. Additionally, men should use a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) which contains vitamin A - known for its antibacterial properties. In fact, regardless of whether the penis is as pure as the day its owner was born or has undergone numerous alterations, a penis health creme is an important part of daily hygiene to keep the penis healthy and youthful and to reduce the chance of infection.

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