Erect Penis, Go! Signs that She's Into Him

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    Aug 03, 2014
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Erect Penis, Go! Signs that She Photo by John Dugan

It happens all the time: a guy gets a seriously erect penis for a particular woman but can’t tell if she’s into him the way he is into her. This is largely because men aren’t as good as reading the body language that indicates how he is doing with a potential bedmate. Women may lack the obvious sign of interest of the man’s erect penis in his pants (assuming he has engaged in appropriate penis health and has a tool that does call attention to itself), but there are plenty of other signs that guys can take their cues from.

Body language signs

There are two important things for a guy to remember as he strikes up a conversation with that curvaceous redhead at the bar:

1) It’s the accumulation of these signs into a total body language that provides the real clue, and;

2)Every woman is different, so certain signs may be more prominent in one woman than in another.

Physical distance.

In general, closer is better. Everybody has a certain area of "personal space" that they prefer. That area can vary; when encountering a stranger, there’s usually a level of "keeping the distance." If a woman maintains that distance, the strategies a man is employing are not working. He can try to change his approach and see if that works, or see if this particular woman just requires more time to warm up to a stranger. But if the physical space between the two remains at a certain level, she’s probably not interested.


If a man is trying to engage a woman in conversation, she will typically turn her body toward him if she has some interest. A woman who keeps at a 90 degree angle (or more) and doesn’t eventually turn to face the man is sending the message that he should move on. If, however, she turns and speaks face-to-face and remains that way, she is indicating potential interest.

Hair play.

How a woman handles her hair can be a clue to her interest. If she keeps rubbing it or flicking it, it usually means she’s somewhat bored with a guy; an occasional toss of the hair, however, especially if it allows her to look more directly in the guy’s face, is often a good sign.


Men and women both engage in this when they like someone: doing things that mirror what the other one is doing. If the man reaches for his drink, the woman may reach for hers. If he shifts weight from one leg to the other, she follows suit. Guys should take such actions as a positive sign.

Head cants.

Head cant is a fancy word for tilting the head. This is almost always a sign that the woman is pleased - especially if a smile accompanies the tilt.

Eye contact.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul - and an excellent way for determining interest. Steady eye contact is a good sign, but an even better one may be if a woman makes eye contact, breaks to look away briefly, and then returns eye contact, accompanying the renewed contact with a slight, shy smile. Studies have indicated that such a response, whether conscious or not, indicates a somewhat increased level of interest.

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